25 April 2016

BG-82 Campaign Log / Painting Chart

Painting Chart middle 2015
Above was my Painting chart around the middle of  2015...  As you can see it's changed a bit when compared with the chart below. 

I've adjusted my painting chart too reflect the fluff behind my army, and to show where it is that I would like to go.  As you can see I need a lot more Infantry... i've got most of the heavy weapons I need I just need to assemble and paint them.  And with the addition of a new Super Heavy I think it's safe to say that my armor is complete although a few need to be repainted.  :)  Now I just have to get some of these projects prioritized so that I get them done.


  1. Nice! It's always a nice feeling to turn the boxes green - Good stuff!

  2. Warhound ?!?! When did that happen ?

    1. I've had her a while now, not real FW one but a scratchbuild. Some day i swear I'll get engineerium done!

  3. More green than me! Looks like you are making nice progress there Argos.