18 February 2009

Valdor P.I.P. Part 2

Well here's how she's looking so far. There a few touch ups that need to be done as well as painting her name “Kanonenwagen”. I just haven't decided where to put it? I thought either along the barrel or on the outside under the drivers hatch... hmmm...

I'm still waiting on my last order of bitz to arrive so that I can do the stowage and such. Even though that could be another week before it gets here I wanted to get as much done as possible before the weekend so that I can show it off at the next game. I some people weren't to impressed by the barrel, and to be honest if I ever build another I'll prolly make the end that goes into the tank a little bigger. The "Shooty"end though would stay the same, that's the one part that I really do like. I also think that if I repeat this project I'll finally make the switch over to Plasticard instead of cereal box as it would make the tank a little heavier. I half to remind myself when I pick it up that it's cardboard so I don't crush it.

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