29 December 2010

Canis Vulpis

Well it's only been months since the last time I've picked up a brush and used on old bessie here.  I have to apologize that the picture is so bad, but it's from my handy because our real camera had dead batteries.  Remember my last post where I reminded everyone to charge their batteries for the holidays...   I forgot...

So seeing that I don't know when I'll get back to doing some more work I thought I'd get the pic up so show everyone.   I've got incentive now to get her done, as the local gaming club in Guetersloh is doing an Apoc game in a while and I want to get ol' Canis Vulpis in on the destructive action.  More and better pics to follow.

25 December 2010

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

All of us at BG82 wish you and yours all the best!   Enjoy the time off, spend some time with the family, and be sure to recharge the batteries for the camera! 

20 November 2010

Exterminator Update (6)

Hello Imperial Citizens, contrary to popular belief the 313th and Battle Group 82 have not been laid to rest.  They are simple in transit to a new warzone..   Meaning that a new baby and a new job have been made a much larger dent in my freetime than I had hopped...  

But, I've got a kitchen pass for next week friday so'll be heading over to the local gaming club on friday after work.  If your ever in the Germany/Bielefeld area come check them out GT-Battlezone link ->
In the mean time here a few shots of the last project I started.   My Exterminators!!  This is the squadron command tank, and the first that's received paint.   I'm sure those of you with a skilled eye will notice failures, but keep in mind these are still WIP so I'm hoping to fix things up along the way.  Never the less if you see a spot I missed feel free to let me know.
Well It's back to the baby station, I wish it was the paint station, but my allotted Hobby time doesn't come till later today.

23 October 2010

IG Expansion

Hail the Emperor for the ranks of the Imperial Guard have once again expanded!!

Well as you've noticed it's been almost a month since my last post.  The reason is posted above, Aline Dana #######, born on 10.10.10!!!   Which is a neat for us because my wife and I got married on 08.08.08.  She may not know it yet, but she WILL be a Sci-Fi freak like her dad, and a Genius like her mom.   On the hobby side of things I'm hoping to get some work done on my Exterminators later in the week.  We'll see how much time I have left after the "little one" wears us out all day. 

 And just a quick pic to show that I really have finished one of my projects this year:

29 September 2010

Kangaroo? (non-40k related)

Well some of you may have noticed that's it's been almost 4 weeks since my last post...  What's shown above is just one of many real life projects that has kept me away from 40K over the last month.   Yes, they are supposed to be Kangaroo's and there will be a pouch hanging underneath to store toys and stuff in.  And yes, I made it myself, but I will say the idea is copied.

And why am I making this?  Because the ranks of the Imperial Guard will swell by one in the next 2 weeks.  Now see, I decided that I had to make something for her when she was born, and although she won't be able to use it right away, I hope it will last a few years.

Now that, that is outa the way, I'll go ahead and say to expect fewer posts here as things become hectic and we all have to find our new "rhythm".  See ya'll 'gain soon.

05 September 2010

Exterminator Update 5 (Fluff)

 Vet. Sgt. Knebel leading his Exterminator into battle

Vergnitz IV Exterminator (Pattern III Ausf. C)
Models: Patterns II and III
Forge World: Vergnitz IV
Weight: 60 Tonnes
Length: 7.10 m
Height: 4.1 m
Armour:  100-150mm
                50mm Sideskirts (Ausf. C)
Crew:  5 (commander, gunner, loader, driver, machine-gunner)
Armament:  1 x PbM.34 Pattern Autocannon, 1 x hull-mounted heavy bolter
Ammunition: 360 Rounds,

This locally produced pattern of Exterminator is typical of the Vallivar system.  The original tank (Pattern II) was largely replaced by Pattern III in M35.  The Pattern III incorporated a new Autocannon and targeting system.  It's higher muzzle velocity,  larger caliber and faster rate of fire than the standard Autocannon gives it the same capabilities but lowers the weight of the tank.

The tanks largest draw back is it's armor, in that where the standard Leman Russ has up to 200mm of armor the Vergnitz IV Exterminator has only 150mm. For this reason this tank is used almost exclusively by the Vallivar system's PDF.  When seen in the service of the Imperial guard it is typically upgraded with bolt on armor to the front and armoured sideskirts.  With these additions it equals the armor of a Leman Russ.

01 September 2010

Exterminator Update pt. 4

Had a bit of time (a lot) so as you can see from the pics I got a lot done. Did the rivets, base coats, sealed, GS fixes, damage, and started on the detailing/weathering process... The sides are quite plain and will stay that way. To be honest I figured as long as they're going to be covered up by the side skirts there's no need to make them overly detailed. 

 There's still a ton of work to be done with the weathering and detailing.  More paint chips and wear and tear, along with a coat of Codex Grey, and eventually a black Camo pattern, although the pattern on these are going to differ from the tanks I've already done.
 and here's the side skirts

29 August 2010

73rd Armored vs Space Puppies

I tried a new list out the other day at the Friday games night.  An armor heavy list with just 2 vets squads as my troops and Commissar Lord as my HQ, and you know something?  I loved it!! 

I'm normally the guy that plays an Infantry heavy list with a 2 Bassie's and maybe a Russ.  For larger games I'll break out the Manticore and a 2nd Russ or my Sentinels but that's about it for armor.   Now with me building the Exterminators and all, I decided to give them a go in this list and I have to say they ROCKED!  Those 3 Exterminators cleared 3 Space Puppie squads clean off the table.

Now, in the end I lost the game and the deciding moment was here:
I moved my 2 Russes forwards instead of back which was the smart thing to do, enabling me to use their long range to shoot at the enemy.   Because of this, his Termie's were able to assault my tanks and in one round destroy them, completely clearing out my left flank and opening a clear avenue of approach to my Bassies behind the forest. Next time I'll think a little more before making my move...

27 August 2010

Exterminator Update (3)

Well there we have it, the masses (all 18 of you) have voted and the hatch is going to be slightly offset as seen in the photos above and below.   Along side you can see that I've started the detailing.  Little things like the sideskirts, headlights, hand grips and rivets, and rivets and yet more rivets to come.  

  Once I've got all the rivets in place I'll seal the models with at least 2 coats of Testors clear coat.  After that I'll green stuff the mistakes.   When working with paper and GS I've found that when sanding down the GS it will ruin the paper.  To help keep this from happening I coat everything in at least 2 coats of clear coat first, then apply the GS and then sand it down.  This way you sand down the GS even with the clear coat instead of wrecking the paper.
  After that's done move on to base coating and painting like normal.

24 August 2010

Exterminator Update

 Here's an updated pic of the Vergnitz IV pattern Exterminator.  I haven't really worked on them to much as I'm STILL waiting on bitz...  :(  (see below) I did a quick mock-up of the how the sideskirts will look, with more detail in the finished product of course.   Added some vision slits to the side of the turret, and that about it.  Of course the other 2 now look exactly like this one only without the main gun.  For those of you who haven't voted in the poll look to the right and have a vote.  I'm trying to determine where the best location for the turret hatch to be placed.


** If you don't want to read the rant stop here and vote before you leave.

Why the hell does it take so long for some bitz companies to ship their orders, and whatever happened to timeliness?  I ordered bitz for this project from 3 different companies, I prefer to use one, but when NOBODY has all the parts I need in stock than you do whatcha gotta do.   The thing is though is that 2 of the companies have at least shipped my orders, and I know it takes up to 2 weeks to get to Germany even though England is a stone throws away.  I mean post from the states gets here faster than from England....   The 3rd company (also outa the UK) hasn't even acknowledged my order, even though they took my money.  So I guess I'll wait a few more days than try contacting them again, before going through my credit card to get my money back. 

19 August 2010

Poll Time (Exterminator Turret)

Alright everyone.  I need your help in determining which of the three options I should go with for the turret hatch on my Exterminators. 

Your choices are :

Option A: Center

Option B: Slightly Offset

Option C: Completely Offset
I'll leave the poll up for a week (until next week Friday) and see what everyone else thinks.  The poll is open to the right so vote away!!!

16 August 2010

Exterminator Squadron

Well I just can't bring myself to paint the Warhound starring at me, so I decided to build a couple of tanks.  Basically I'm just using some old Rhino hulls I had sitting around and cover them up, using German WW2 tanks as inspiration.
They're going to be locally made Exterminators, produced on Vergnitz IV (my fluff Forgeworld).  Technically lighter armored but through the use of bolt on armor and sideskirts they'll meet the codex rules.

I'm thinking of copying the Pz III turret but making to barrels. Then once it's done, I'll add the sideskirts on the tracks and turret.

15 August 2010

Site updates

As some of you may have noticed I changed the banner on my blog.  Originally I this blog was only about my guard but as time progressed I started different projects and thought I'd incorporate them into the title as well.  There's is no need to change links or update anything. 

Over the next week or so I'm going to try and get a bit of site cleanup and updating done as well, so expect to see a few minor tweaks and changes coming up in the near future.

Till then I hope the servants of the Emperor smite their foe's, and those alien, traitor ,and green skin lovers go down in righteous flames.

29 July 2010

Los Hombres

Red, Cord and Shane
Well here's the rest of the gang, or at least the full fledged members that is, sugarfoot's don't get to wear the hat so aren't really part of the gang and won't be shown here.  Meaning that I still have a bit of work to do on them yet.  I'm debating writing all their names on the bases, but I might save that for later.  Use it as a mark of respect or something in the campaign as they make their first kills and all.

Slim, Bart, and Hoss
Here you can see the max mini machine gun I discussed in an earlier post, it's a bit bigger than I had first thought.  In fact, it's "Almost" to big for the model, but it's original and I like it.  I think what I'm disappointed about now is that as we progress through out the campaign I'm going to have to figure out a way to update these guys without chopping them to pieces...  Maybe I should have modeled them using plastics from the get-go but there's just no way I could have gotten the results that I have now.

Next up is going to be a bit of terrain.  The trick here is going to making the terrain small, easy, and compatible with 40k, as I'm not a paying member of the local gaming group and don't quite want to donate everything for free as of yet.

25 July 2010

Shock Troops by Wargames Factory

Have you guys seen these yet!!!   I knew they were coming out for a while now, but hadn't realized the time had come.   At 18 mini's for less than 20 bucks I'm not only knocked off my feet, I'm about ready to drop a pretty penny and pick a few up.   Not only do you get more bang for your buck, check out their website Shock Troops, and you'll see that you get a ton of head and weapon options included on the sprue.  What's great is that I can easily swap these into my 40k army as I play about 90% of my games in LGS's LGC's or at home.  No GW Nazi to tell me I can't use my mini's.  :)

Which makes me think...  How are your gaming groups?  Are most of them pretty open to mixing other companies mini's into your armies or do they remain strict about what you can/can't use? You know, now that I type up the question I've never seen anyone in the LGC use non-GW mini's....

21 July 2010

Necromunda update

Well here's my gang leader and his trusty sidekick for our upcoming Necromunda campaign. I've decided to name my gang "Los Hombres del Emperador", and the two you see here are "Lucky Luke" and the "Duke" (left to right) I know the bases aren't great, but I'm waiting for the real ones to come in and seeing that they won't get here till sometime end of August, I thought I'd at least do something so they weren't flat black.

O'er the next two weeks I'll get the rest'em finished so ya'll can expect to see "Hoss", "Red" and "Slim" real soon now.

16 July 2010

Max Mini (a review)

First time I´ve ever done a review of a Bitz company before, and although it´s primarely a positive review there were a few things that I felt could have been improved.   I ordered 2 blisters from Max Mini, the first was the Heavy Machine Guns found HERE and the 2nd was the Mechanical Hammers found on the same page.  Now after 2 days I received an email stating that my order was being processed.  Three weeks later it was still being processed so I droped them an email asking if there was delay.  What really disappointed me was that I had to send a 2nd email 5 days later asking the same question before I got an answer.

They were still working on my order because the Machine guns were out of stock, but not to worry my order would ship in the next 7 days.  Of course I waited 10 days and again no product, again I send an email asking what the delay was, and again pretty much the same answer as the first time.  This time though they actually shipped and after 7 weeks I finally got my products.  Whats cool is that they threw in these heads Fallen Legionnaire heads.  Unfortunately I can´t use them in my Guard army so they´ll be going up for auction sometime soon.

Oh, and on an interesting turn of events, 2 days after receiving my order I received another package from them containing Mechanical Gun arms, Mechanical Hammers, and round shields.  Thinking this a mistake I sent them another email asking if I should return them.  At the time of this posting, I´ve sent them 2 emails and waited 10 days...  no reply.  So maybe I´ll put these up for auction as well.
 Opinion:   Their bitz look great, and require very little prep work to be used. BUT,  their communication sucks...  No two ways around it.  I would definetely order from them again, I just wouldn´t expect fast delivery or timely responses to emails.

10 July 2010


++++++++++Origin: Vallivar System Sector Command
+++++++Destination: Marshal Argos, Commander BG-82
++++++++Received: New Praxis Orbital Relay
+++++++++++Date: 668.M38
+++Telepathic Duct: Astropath-terminus Locion
++++++++++++Ref:  A-2 C-3
Thought for the Day: " Purge the unclean "

You are hereby granted 8 days time to recuperate and see to your wounds before re-assuming command of Battle Group 82.  If you are unable to return in that time, command of BG-82 will be transferred and you will be re-assigned.

May the light of the Emperor guide you.


See ya'll in a week or so, going down the black see with the wife to visit some friends.

03 July 2010

Necromunda - Techno Cowboys

Well now as you can see these are the start of what's going to be my Necromunda Gang in a campaign being ran by one of the local gaming clubs GT-Battlezone.  Real quick the plan is to play using the "Van Saar" rules but using mostly "Delaque" models.  They're still WIP so you'll notice unfinished bases (I'm looking for good ones online) and small details that still need to be picked out, but you get the idea as to where I'm going with these guys I'm sure.  I like to call them "Techno Cowboys".   Now I've never played Necromunda before so this is going to be something new for me. 

So far I've only gotten one test game in and I really enjoyed it.  I was really suprised at how long a game can last (watching 2 other games) as the gang members get shot, stand up again and still fight on.  The rules are, of course, much more detailed than normal 40k.  In fact, it sort of reminded me of 2ed 40k.   You can be hit and only receive a Flesh wound, or you can be hit and killed or not wounded at all. 

For anyone looking for more information check out the rules on GW's homepage or just do a Google search for "Necromunda".   In fact Let me Google that for you.  I wish I could recommend other sites, but there's so many out there and as of yet I'm still looking myself.    Look forward to future updates and more info as I dig deeper into the Necromunda underworld.

30 June 2010

Melta Marine

Another fist is done.  Actually he's been done for a while now, I just haven't gotten him posted up yet.  This brings the number of completed fists up to 4 with only 2 more to go  :)  to finish the squad.    I trimmed down the ridge on the shoulder guards to give them an older look, and made sure to use one of the old backpacks as well.  I really tired to give the base a marble affect, and although I think it looks good I'm not sure if it's marble.  I'd love to give credit to the company who made them but I can't.  I found them in an unmarked bag at the bottom of a game store in Cologne on a recent trip there. 

Well back to the grind...

22 June 2010

Princeps on Foot

I picked this model up at Games Day Germany a few years back (2 I think) and have had him sitting around since then.  I tried painting him once before but just couldn't get him the way I wanted.  Recently though, I started scratch building a Warhound titan seen here. Canis Vulpis She's still a work in progress, and one I hope to get back to real soon, but while painting her I decided to give this guy another go.

I tried doing him up in the colors of the Legio Astraman.  In game I have no idea what I'll use him as... maybe an adviser of some sort, we'll see what comes to mind.  Once the Titan itself is done, he'll prolly go on the base.

20 June 2010

313th vs. Necrons

       Having been notified of unknown movement reported by ground sensors strewn out to cover their the flanks BG-82 Command dispatched elements of the Mike Company 313th supported by artillery and armor support from the 73rd Armored Regt.   Arriving at the coordinates, Cpt. Holdt saw the reason the sensors were activated... "Necrons" he thought.  He immediately went about emplacing his support squads and armor, but there was little time before the C'tan lord charged into them.  "Bring it Down" he ordered, "I want everything we have on it until he's dead."  Cpt. Holdt was a firm believer in the theory of  shoot the big one's first.  Especially if they charge you.
      Missile after missile flew into the floating horror coming at them. Artillery and tanks shells exploded sending geysers of dirt in the air, but onward it came.  Holdt's infantry squads had no time to get into cover, for their heavy missile launchers were needed from the start.  With an ear splitting WHALLOP a monster of an alien tank appeared directly in front of them.  Thunderous lighting leapt out at the armor supporting them.
"Infantry this is Armor, we're still here" vox'd Sgt. Brown "But those two are inside our Arty limits"."Thunder 1 and 2 moving to fire directly, Whistler engaging targets in the forest".  Cpt. Holdt new he had to kill the C'tan and enemy tank if he wanted to get out of here alive.  "2nd Plt. swing right and see if you can't outflank these fraggers" he yelled across the comm bead.
     Scant minutes later and the C'tan disappeared in a flash of light and being hit with plasma gun from 2nd Platoon's command team.  One down thought the Captain, if it hadn't cost us 20 something troopers to do it, it might have been worth while.  If we don't take this tank down quick we're done for he thought, as his heavy weapons teams fired once again.
1st Platoon was almost gone, 2 squads, 20 troopers... If it wasn't for that damned damned enemy squad that appeared from nowhere thought Cpt. Holdt.  Suddenly "Command! Command! this is Lt. Brewer.  We're gone sir, there's only us left, 1st.. 2nd squads wiped...  We're g.....  aaarrrrrrhhhhh....."  and then only silence.  That's it thought the Captain, it's time we bring the fight to them.
With no officers left alive it was up to Sgt. Wilson to get what remained of the company out alive.  He still had 20 men with him, his squad and 2 heavy weapon teams.  Throw in the armor that made it and we just might be able to make it back he though.  He still couldn't explain it the enemy had them, and suddenly they all began to just disappear.  It was eerie, the silence they left behind on the battle field.  Wilson new they lost this fight, what with more than half the company killed or wounded, and all it's officers dead, but some had survived and those survivors would continue to fight and die for the Emperor.


Imperial Guard vs. Necrons
SIZE: 1500 pts
MISSION:  Annihilation
RESULTS: IG 1, Necrons 8

13 June 2010

Imperial Fist Techmarine

The next of my 6 Imperial Fists.  Still working on this battle damage and weathering idea.  In the past I'd just paint and go, but in the name of progress, or just getting with the times I've decided to start paying attention to the little details.  Next post I'll put up some comparison shots of my mini's from 12 years ago...


Here's an advertisement for anyone in Germany.  There is a pretty good Gaming club in Gutersloh and they meet every Friday evening.  I've been over there twice now and have a blast in both games, not only do they have plenty of terrain and table space, but quite a few speak English so for those that can't "do the Deutsch" it's not a problem to get a game.  Here's a link to their site if anyone is interested  GT-Battlezone

07 June 2010

Vet. Sgt. Kris Knebel (Pask)

So I waited how many months until GW released it's Knight Commander Pask model only to be sorely disappointed.  That said, I decided to do my own with the results posted above, I'll leave the copula of my next Russ unglued so that I can swap out Pask as warranted.

A 12 year veteran of the 73rd Armoured Regiment Vet. Sgt. Knebel has 168 confirmed kills, more than any other tanker assigned to the 73rd or those in the battle for Arcturus. Although a lowly trooper Sgt. Knebel is highly regarded by his superiors for his skill and dedication in destroying the enemy. He has worked his way up from the ranks filling ever position from driver, to loader and gunner; if not for his renegade streak, Knebel would have received a field promotion to the officer ranks many times over. Instead he is content to command the Leman Russ "Tigers Eye"

05 June 2010

313th vs Tyranids

tschja, what can I say, I played a 1750 point "Dawn of War" mission, and stupidly chose to go first...  meaning that I wasted my entire first round of shooting.  The Imperial Navy scum attached to my army actually did something for once, and made sure his flankers came out on the wrong side (for him) of the board.  I screwed up my flank defense (which just about cost me the game) and the 'nids rolled along the board edge to my objective.

This was quite literally a fight to the death as I threw everything I could at his 2 Trygons raping my objective.  I pulled out a last game (6th turn) draw by the skin of my teeth and the bravery of a lowly LT who stood his ground while Battle Cannon and Basilisk shells leveled everything around him.  Seeing the giant Tyranid "Alpha" still alive he pulled out his Plasma pistol and shot the beast in the head to secure the objective.  

I'll get pics posted once I get them and a more detailed battle report typed up in the next few days.

02 June 2010

313th vs Chaos

Hello gents,
I just want to relay a sad experience from last week. You see, I set out to play at a new club in a city nearby and ended up playing a 2000 pt game against Chaos. In total, my list looked something like this.

HQ w/creed and 2 bodyguards

1st plt HQ with plas/melta/vox
3 Inf Squads (GL/Plas/Plas)

2nd Plt HQ with Plas/vox
4 Inf Squad (Plas/GL/GL/GL)

Mortor sqd
x2 ML Sqds

3 sentinals (individual) 2 w/LC

1 LR
1 Manticore
2 Bassies.

I'm not sure on his list. But I know he had a Vindicator, and LC Predator, 4 squads mounted in Rhinos, and a HQ Squad mounted in a Rhino. I stole the initiative and got to go first, moved most of my Inf up 6" and promptly destroyed a Rhino and the Vindicator. armata_PDT_34.gif In his turn he moved the now dismounted squad to cover, and moved the other 4 rhinos up and popped smoke. Now is where things started sucking!!!

I dicked up my turn by giving my orders to my 2 ML squads, and then (here's where it got bad) instead of shooting with my tanks/arty I just continued on shooting with my Inf. You see I had just shot with 2 ML squads and just seemed to go with the flow and stay with infantry squads, BIG MISTAKE! In total 3 of my 6 Plasma gunners killed themselves, and not one did any damage. So, now it's time to shoot the big guns, and of course they knock out NOTHING!! Yup, he made every one of his cover saves due to smoke....

See where this is going? At this point he dismounts, moves six, and assaults six, and half my army is now engaged in CC... and we all know how good IG does in CC.

Moral of the story. Pop the damn transports with your armor and heavy weapons BEFORE shooting with your infantry squads. This is common sense and every commander should know this, but in the heat of the battle you need to keep a clear head and stick to the plan...   I'm sure there's other points to be made as well, but I really think this was the biggest problem I had.

31 May 2010

"Have a good one, Airborne!"

To those that have given thier lives so that others may live:
SSG Leslie "Wade" Martin  
You knew I wanted your job when you PCS'd, getting it early wasn't part of the deal.
SPC Angela "Angie" Niedermayer
An airborne "sister" like no other, you always found a way to brighten the day.
SSG Logen "Woody" Woodrow
We didn't know each other well, but you will always be remembered.
SPC Lunsford B. Brown
You never got the chance to meet your daughter, but I know your watching over her every day.


The soldier stood and faced God,
Which must always come to pass.
He hoped his shoes were shining,
Just as brightly as his brass.

"Step forward now, you soldier,
How shall I deal with you?
Have you always turned the other cheek?
To My Church have you been true?"

The soldier squared his shoulders and said,
"No, Lord, I guess I ain't.
Because those of us who carry guns,
Can't always be a saint.

I've had to work most Sundays,
And at times my talk was tough.
And sometimes I've been violent,
Because the world is awfully rough.

But, I never took a penny,
That wasn't mine to keep...
Though I worked a lot of overtime,
When the bills got just too steep.

And I never passed a cry for help,
Though at times I shook with fear.
And sometimes, God, forgive me,
I've wept unmanly tears.

I know I don't deserve a place,
Among the people here.
They never wanted me around,
Except to calm their fears.

If you've a place for me here, Lord,
It needn't be so grand.
I never expected or had too much,
But if you don't, I'll understand.

There was a silence all around the throne,
Where the saints had often trod.
As the soldier waited quietly,
For the judgment of his God.

"Step forward now, you soldier,
You've borne your burdens well.
Walk peacefully on Heaven's streets,
You've done your time in Hell." 

To fair winds and a soft landing, a final jump's been made.

24 May 2010

Imperial Fist Finished (pt. 3)

As promised here's the final pics of the Imperial fist I've been working on.   With battle damage and weathering.  I know there's a lot to improve on, I think there's a "bit" to much damage, and not enough weathering around the feet, but as I've stated this is the first time I've ever tried doing this on a model.  I really LOVE the way it looks though, so I can honestly say I'll be doing this with every model from now on.  It really adds a ton of character to the model.  

 Here's the last few WIP shots for those interested.  As you can see I like to paint mini's in stages, that means painting all the bits prior to assembly, and only touching up parts after gluing them.   To this end, I paint 80% of my IG while they are still on the sprue or as individual bits.

Well I've got 4 more of these to do now.  Better get started if I ever want to finish...

22 May 2010

Imperial Fist (pt. 2)

Just wanted to show you all the next set of pictures of the Imperial fist I´ve been working on.  I should say right from the start that he is actually finished but I just have to get better pictures of him before I put them up here for all to see.
This is the first time that I´ve tried putting battle damage on a marine, and I have to admit I think it looks pretty darn good.  It  really makes me consider going back on my IG and adding a bit on their shoulder and body armor.
 Completed pics should be up by monday at the latest, so you´ll have to come back then to see how he looks with more damage, and bit of weathering.