02 June 2015

ToE BG-82 (Part 6)

As promised quite some time ago, here is a bit more background / fluff about my army.  As we all know, in recenent editions GW decided that IG Regiments were pure bloods.  Either all Infantry, all Armor, all Arty, etc... etc... So, in my solution to that was Battle Group 82.  For those interested, here are the TO&E's for the 5 Regiments assigned to B-82

313th Fantoma DTR
327th Fantoma Infantry
7th Scansin Infantry
19th Scansin Lancers
73rd Fantoma Armored

This allowed me to field all the different Regiments, in the different colors that I wanted.  Combining them all under one flag, led by Marshal Argos himself.

Ah, but where is the Titan support, and Avenger.... where do they fit in???

Well I envision these at the army or theater level.  So, they fall under the TO&E for the 4224th Imperial Guard Army.