06 November 2008

Just a little update.

Well once again life has been consuming my time.  I honestly haven't painted anything since my last post, and I realized I never really posted normal pics of my army.  So here they are.  1st up is my Colonel and Rgt. Standard bearer.  Not the greatest but hey, they rarely see the light of day.  Since the photo was taken I finished off the bases and touched up the standard a little, but really not enough to warrant a new photo.


Next up we have the 3 commissars attached to the Rgt.  I plan on naming them eventually, but just haven't gotten around to that part of my fluff yet.  The one in the front is an old RT era commissar, while the Female one is actually a model from the Necromunda range.  I found her in a box and just had to find a way to get her in my army.


Ummm...  Troops, nough said really.   Shortened the lasguns, to make them look more like carbines, and used peices from the Tau rifles for the scopes.  One of the troopers on the right also had NOD's, again taken from the Tau rifles, and using plasticard to model the helmet mount.  I'll get a better pic of this up in the future.


An early stage LR, still needs all the detailing and weathering.


 As always comments, critisims, suggestions, and questions are welcome.