06 March 2008

313th Regimental History

Homeworld: Fantoma, Segmentum Tempestus
Current Location: Vallivar Sub-System, Veiled Region, Segmentum Tempestus
Commander: Colonel Pallidar
Motto: Faug a Balac “Clear the way”

The Fantoma 313th Drop Troop Regiment was grounded for the 46th time. With over 30,000 guardsmen, the largest of it's foundings to date. Under the command of veteran Colonel Argos, the regiment is deployed to the Planet Gaelos to assist in putting down local uprisings.

Reassigned to Battle Group 82, and joined with the Fantoma 73rd Armor Regiment the 313th take part in the Defense of Narvapol. Making 3 assault drops throughout the campaign the regiment losses almost 5000 troopers in the 2 year campaign.

During the Battle of Mainbaden Argos is takes command of BG82 and is advanced to Marshal, Colonel Pallidar takes over command of the 313th.

As part of BG-82 the 313th is deployed to the planet of New Praxis and act as the ready reserve, staging their deployments out of the Monument City space port. For the three years the regiment fought against traitor guardsmen loosing almost 20% of its force.


Reinforced with the remnants of the Rordonian 45th the 313th has spent the last year in transit preparing for the defense of Avenweddon, surprisingly located in a neighboring sub-sector from Vallivar. 

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