24 October 2009

Is my blog worth it....

So this theme originally came from a post over on "From the Warp", "Really, is your blog worth it".  It's something that I read with great interest and something that got me to thinking about my own blog.  To bad I started this post a month and a half ago and forget that I had saved it as a draft....  At last today it's finally seeing the light of day. So on to my way justifying my blog.

I'm sure many of you have noticed that I'm not one to write about 40k rules, or my views on 40k. Ok, so I have done it before but very rarely.  The thing is though that everyone and their brother do this, and that's not a bad thing as it shows different points of view.  It's just that it's just not my thing.  And besides sometimes it feels like everyone's just:

In fact I don't even do tutorials, as I feel there are quite a few modelers that are much better than I am.  And besides, I typically forget to take pictures or when I do take them it's random at best and normally once the darn thing is complete.  So what do I do then...

I write about what I'm doing with my army and how I hope they fit it with my overall theme. I post up pics of scratch builds or mini's that I've done, basically I post about my army.   See the thing is, I like to play the game, model, paint, you know enjoy the hobby more than all those other things.  So this blog is how I Hope that I can share my part of the hobby with everyone else.  And maybe, just maybe,  if I bring inspiration to someone else than my blog is worth it.

Heck my blog is worth it just because it gives me something to do, and helps encourage me to do more and better.  Besides I like watching the visitors number go up.   ;)

21 October 2009

Manticore Missle Launcher (part 1.5)

Well as promised here's a few more pics of the Manticore I've been working on.   As I briefly mentioned in an earlier post the missile launcher is from Old Crow Models and really is a superb cast.  There was no flash at all on the turret and little bit on the missiles themselves.  Now compared to the FW Manticore it may not be quite as detailed and is just a little bit smaller, but fits perfectly on the chimera.  The only issue was the base, as it didn't really fit with any of the Rhino top  that I wanted to use it with, so for now it's just set on top until I figure a good way to do it. 

You can see the launcher on the left and the missiles on the right in the photo above.  The middle part is the base that I'll be using to fit onto the back of my Chimera.  This way I can use the Chimera in normal games or just add the missile launcher turret if I want to.  The small radar is also removable so that I can put the normal Chimera turret there.

And here you can see about what it will look like when it's done.  I'm still working on the missile and rails so they're just sitting next to the tank for now.  Oh, and don't worry the tank itself isn't finished either so just ignore the spots with sloppy painting.

19 October 2009

Sometimes I hate Change

and yet I brought it upon myself.   So my old template wasn't compatible with Blogger, and that leads us to the new "temporary" format that we have now.  What I noticed with the old one was that anyone who was using Internet Explorer couldn't see anything outside of a green screen.  My first question is, why the heck would anyone still be using IE?   My second and 3rd questions led me to change the format for the foreseeable future until I get the chance to go through the CSS code and fix it.

So, everyone, I hope you've updated the RSS feeds to the one posted on the right, and here's to hoping I get the old format back up soon.  Of course if all else fails I'll just have to come up with something better.

Oh, and just to wet the appitite a little, here's another pic of my upcoming project. I'll put up more pics tomorrow or the day after, depending on how much time I spend working the blog format.

Jumping Ship

Well some of you may have noticed a few problems with the blog this morning, some of you might even notice that the blog looks just a little different... Well if you did notice, the reason is that I've moved from Wordpress to Blogger. Don't get my wrong I like WP, hence the reason I installed it on my server, but the issue was the server itself. I looked into moving my blog to WP's free blog, but without having to pay I couldn't keep my layout, so blogger won out. But it's not a bad thing.

I've been working on importing my content from one to the other over the past week and finally got it done last night. I was going to wait a bit longer to do the swap but finally just decided to take the plunge and do it today. So, I'm hoping for a seamless transition, but I know there will always be issues. The old URL "" will redirect you to my blog, in fact for those of you subscribed, you don't have to change a thing as the feed has been transfered as well. The only links that won't work were links that brought you to specific pages. Unfortunatly WP and Blogger use different naming conventions for their posts, so old links won't work. For those of you that I know have links to my sight I'll send out a short email with the updated links. If you need to update your feed the new feed is:

Well I guess that that's it for me, I hope the change has payed off and the rest of you can still see/enjoy the site. If you want feel free to leave a comment or join the Allies/followers on the left, at least than I'll know if this bloody change worked or if I should brink back the old sight until I find a better solution.

18 October 2009

Coming soon

Well I finally got some of the parts I had been waiting for to finish of my Chimera's.  It took a while (3.5 weeks) but was well worth the wait.  The bits were all well formed and there weren't any miscasts, broken, or bent parts either.  The resin parts were so much better than FW's.  Nothing was damaged or warped, I was VERY Impressed.  So Old Crow Models gets TWO thumbs up from me!  Oh, and in addition I got this little baby here:

Can anyone guess what its going to be?  If not just wait a few days and I'll have the next post finished and hopefully this along with it.

04 October 2009

Vergnitz IV pattern Chimera’s (part 5)

Well here's the latest on my Chimera's.  I decided to change the color and and added some green in there to match my Infantry.  My fluff originally had these guys as being part of my Armoured Regiment, but that's going to change in the future as well.  There's still quite a bit of detailing to be done yet, I haven't added any scratches or dirt or dirt or weathering at all, and it probably won't get done for a few weeks at least.  You see, I'm STILL waiting on the bits I ordered to finish these guys, and don't want to redo anything if I muck up adding the bits.

You can see that the backs of the tanks are pretty empty, this is just one of the places that my missing bits will fill.  Fuel cans, rucks, and misc gear will go here.  Once the weathering/detailing is done I'll be happy to get close up shots but until then I don't want anyone to see how crappy of a painter I am.   :P