16 June 2013

7th Scansin (1st Section)

Progress has been made! I've got the base colors down, and even knocked out the first layer of shading.  Skin tones are in and even the start of a few beards.  I really love the detail in the heads, the one's from Victoria Miniatures fit the best (the bodies are from there as well)  but those from Max Mini, (once trimmed) fit in just fine.

 Since the last picture was taken I've done a bit of detailing, and the 2nd layer of shading.  More pics to follow at some point... 

Oh, and as a parting gift here's a quick shot of what's going to be my 6 man squad of Sharpshooters (counts as squats).

10 June 2013

Open projects

Here's just a few of my open projects, that I would like to see done before the end of the year.  I probably have a few more but this is more than enough to keep me busy (and some of these are already a year in the making...).  First up is my GK terminators.  I've had these guys since, well... to be honest I'm not even sure anymore.  Three of the 5 are 90% done, the other 2 need a bit more work.

Ah yes, the armor of the 73rd Fantoma Armored Regt.  Above is the new color scheme.  I only have 12 more tanks to re-paint like that and I'll be done.  Even with the airbrush that's gonna take a while.  

The Imperial Navy Fleet assets of Vallivar Sub-sector.

Vengeance Class Grand Cruiser "Bringer of Truth" (90%)
Dictator Class Cruiser "Death Dealer " (done)
Gothic Class Cruiser "Integrity" (done)
Dauntless Class Light Cruiser "Redemptor" (0%)
Dauntless Class Light Cruiser "Relentless" (0%)
Falchion Class Escort "Fury Squadron" (0%)
Cobra Class Escort "Wraith Squadron" (0%)

 I"m slowly making headway on these guys to.  I've decided to change a lot of the detailing, and started on the first squad.  There will be a separate dedicated post to these guys in the next few days. 

Almost the same as above.  The last two are the projects that are sitting on my desk.  The others on the shelve right above my desk, and the projects that are on other shelves or boxes are not even listed.  Like above, I'll do a separate dedicated post to these guys in the next few days.  

07 June 2013

28mm Steampunk (Kickstarter plug)

Now I'm fairly confident that most of you have seen this, but seeing that this has been a draft post since last week I should finally get it out there.  Have ya'll seen these? 

Meridian Miniatures

Now I do feel that there are to many kickstarters going on but this one looks interesting.  The officers are really well done, and I'd love to get my hands on them.

What really got me going though was the larges assortment of head option (wink, wink, nudge, nudge to some of my other favorite bits stores that are making selling heads  ;)   )   I just which he had a pic with of his heads on a GW mini.

and last but not least for those of you who might be interested in using these in 40K here's a couple of pics of his mini's next to GW's (and others)

Personally  haven't made up my mind as of yet, but I'll be keeping an on this over the next few weeks.