28 February 2009

Infantry… 3rd Squad 2nd Platoon

So I realized today that I have posted almost nothing outside of tanks since I've had this blog. The reason is simple really, I had painted 99% of my Infantry prior to starting the tanks. That I am here to say is over! Over I tell ya! With the apparent drop in trooper cost with the upcoming codex, I decided it's time finish off the other 50 guardsmen that I had sitting around in the Keller. The only problem with them is that I got them off eBay so they are already glued together and based in black, but just so show that I'm getting to work on them here's the first squad.

They're heads are missing because I'm waiting for them to arrive. I picked up a little over a hundred heads from West Wind Productions last week and plan on putting them on my entire army (Pictured below). It's gonna take a while to get them all painted and then remove all the old heads to add the new ones, but with the slow down in the economy I suddenly find myself (like so many others recently) with plenty of time on my hands. The rucksacks are from The Assault Group and the extra ammo pouches are courtesy of green stuff. Oh, and the scopes on the rifles are from the Tau Carbine somehow I ended up with about 60 of those sitting around and I don't even play Tau...

And just because, here's an updated pic of my IG Army. The troopers all belong to the 313th Drop Troop Rgt. while all the armor and support comes from the 73rd Armored Rgt.

18 February 2009

Valdor P.I.P. Part 2

Well here's how she's looking so far. There a few touch ups that need to be done as well as painting her name “Kanonenwagen”. I just haven't decided where to put it? I thought either along the barrel or on the outside under the drivers hatch... hmmm...

I'm still waiting on my last order of bitz to arrive so that I can do the stowage and such. Even though that could be another week before it gets here I wanted to get as much done as possible before the weekend so that I can show it off at the next game. I some people weren't to impressed by the barrel, and to be honest if I ever build another I'll prolly make the end that goes into the tank a little bigger. The "Shooty"end though would stay the same, that's the one part that I really do like. I also think that if I repeat this project I'll finally make the switch over to Plasticard instead of cereal box as it would make the tank a little heavier. I half to remind myself when I pick it up that it's cardboard so I don't crush it.

16 February 2009

Super Heavy Tank Names

Well everyone I've got a few questions.   With my Valdor almost done and 2 Malc. Defenders in the works my Super Heavy Tank Company is almost (50%) done.   That said, I've decided to give them all names and now I'm asking for your opinions, this is what I'm thinking so far.

Stormblade:  Either "BOHICA" or "Fritz"  I have no idea why I like Fritz, I just like it.   For the unenlightened BOHICA = Bend Over Here It Comes Again, and well seems to fit when a load of Plasma is flying at ya.

Valdor:  "Kanonenwagen"

2x Malcador:  "S#!t Slinger" and "Doom Buggy".  BOHICA or Fritz depending on above.

2x Malc Defenders:  ?????

So on to the questions.   Does anyone else name their Super Heavy's?  and your opinions...

11 February 2009

Valdor P.I.P.

Well after an long, unwanted hiatus I'm back with an update to my Valdor scratch build. As you can see from the pics I just started the painting. Of course that doesn't mean that small details won't be added during the process the tank itself is done, painted on the SN this morning V.IV:0005. The pics are not the greatest so I won't go into to much detail, I hope to get better pics if the sun ever comes back out again...

Here's a pic of what's coming next SN's V.IV:0003 and V.IV:0004.

05 February 2009

And… we’re back… Finally

Well I'm sure some of have noticed that my blog has been unreachable for the past 2 weeks or so.  It just so happens I was on vacation, and came home a few days ago to find it down.  Turns out, there was an issue with my hosting company and my virtual server wasn't restarted, along with it this blog as well as a few others.   That's what I get for promising to stay away from the internet while on vacation.   But...  meh... the world is still turning.

As for an actual update, yeah right.  Vacation and moving has taken up all my time, but I promise to get something up soon.  I have to finish the Valdor I was working in the beginning of the month.

Stay tuned....