20 November 2010

Exterminator Update (6)

Hello Imperial Citizens, contrary to popular belief the 313th and Battle Group 82 have not been laid to rest.  They are simple in transit to a new warzone..   Meaning that a new baby and a new job have been made a much larger dent in my freetime than I had hopped...  

But, I've got a kitchen pass for next week friday so'll be heading over to the local gaming club on friday after work.  If your ever in the Germany/Bielefeld area come check them out GT-Battlezone link ->
In the mean time here a few shots of the last project I started.   My Exterminators!!  This is the squadron command tank, and the first that's received paint.   I'm sure those of you with a skilled eye will notice failures, but keep in mind these are still WIP so I'm hoping to fix things up along the way.  Never the less if you see a spot I missed feel free to let me know.
Well It's back to the baby station, I wish it was the paint station, but my allotted Hobby time doesn't come till later today.