17 September 2012

Reinforcements have arrived

And I finally have something worthwhile to post!!!  I finally was able to pick up my order from Victoria Mini's.  It's been at the local "zollamt" or customs office for the last couple of days and as I had the day off I swung by to pick it up. 

Here's all the parts:

 Here's the counts as Heavy bolter for the HQ squad.  (Thanks Col. Gravis!!!)

and here is the cavalry detachment from the "16th Mynvody Lancers"
Horses from GW, body from "Curious Constructs", legs and arms from Victoria Miniatures. 
I'll have to do a little GS work on the horse and the arms but all in all it's pretty good match.  I've heard such wonderful things about GW Liquid GS over the last few months I guess I have a reason to try it out now. 

05 September 2012

Exterminator Weathering Repaint

As mentioned in my previous post I decided to try out the so called "Salt technique" to weathering.  Now in almost every How-To I could find your supposed to wash off the Salt with water.  Seeing that my Exterminator is made from Cereal box that wasn't exactly an option.  Instead I had to deal with brushing the salt off with a stiff brush and gently with a plastic sculpting  knife.  Here's a close up of the end result.

Now as you can see it wasn't the best of clean up jobs, but it got the job done.  I have sense gone back and touched up the couple of white spots but others I've left.  I figure once I go back and use weathering powders many of those spots and blemishes will blend away.

Overall, for the first try I don't think it turned out that bad.  I learned a bit in the process and will need to remember to not use so much Hairspray next time, as well as spraying a lighter coat of brown.  In the picture above the line from where the tape was is quite visible.  :)

More to follow... as time allows...