28 July 2013

7th Scansin "Sharpshooters" (Pt.2)

So I finally sat down and started painting up the first test mini for my Sharpshooters (Counts as Ratling), and successfully turned the above mini into this:

Now I like his head, and I think the colors are pretty close to what I want, but the uniform is just too dark. I wanted the uniform to be a lighter color green than the camo cloak, but the seemed to have almost blended into the same color.  Not sure what color I'll go with instead, but it's going to really have to be a lighter shade so that when I run a green wash over it, the colors don't darken to the point that they did this time.

Now the Camo cloak is much better, but still needs to be worked on a bit...  I thought I'd see how the blob scheme worked but have decided that it just isn't gonna cut it. Now I'm thinking more along the lines of this:
Picture found on the web, (I found it a while ago and saved it I don't know who owns it...)
It's the camo pattern worn by the US Marine Corps during ww2.  I don't want the pattern to be anything new / high-tech looking, it needs to match with the rest of the army.  So what do you guys think, shall I make the camo cloak as above, or with the larger camo patterns in it? 

14 July 2013

Holy Orders of the Emperor's Inquisition

 Here's one of the models that started it all!  During 2nd Edition I had pretty much always played using friends mini's or with proxy's.  This was however the very first 40K model that I ever picked up, thank god though that a buddy of mine painted it for me, otherwise I may have gave up the game completely.

+"Inquisitor, have you arrived in system?"

-"Do you not trust in the Emperor, of course I have arrived.  My agents have already begun assessing the damage."

+"Are they aware of your presence?"

 -"Ha, Do you mean the guard or those imbeciles from the Ordo Xenos?"

When I look at the pictures like this, I think I really need to change the base on my Inquisitor.

+ "Inquisitor, need I remind you of the importance of this sector?  Remember your duty, serve the Emperor above all.  Exterminatus is not an option, if the planet falls then we must re-claim it in the name of the Emperor. 

- "Yes my lord"

 +  "If there is a chance to save the situation then do so, even if it means enlisting the aid of the other Ordo's"

A simple arm swap helped balance out the differences between the old and new GK Terminators.  Besides, I think the new arms look a lot better than the old.