29 July 2010

Los Hombres

Red, Cord and Shane
Well here's the rest of the gang, or at least the full fledged members that is, sugarfoot's don't get to wear the hat so aren't really part of the gang and won't be shown here.  Meaning that I still have a bit of work to do on them yet.  I'm debating writing all their names on the bases, but I might save that for later.  Use it as a mark of respect or something in the campaign as they make their first kills and all.

Slim, Bart, and Hoss
Here you can see the max mini machine gun I discussed in an earlier post, it's a bit bigger than I had first thought.  In fact, it's "Almost" to big for the model, but it's original and I like it.  I think what I'm disappointed about now is that as we progress through out the campaign I'm going to have to figure out a way to update these guys without chopping them to pieces...  Maybe I should have modeled them using plastics from the get-go but there's just no way I could have gotten the results that I have now.

Next up is going to be a bit of terrain.  The trick here is going to making the terrain small, easy, and compatible with 40k, as I'm not a paying member of the local gaming group and don't quite want to donate everything for free as of yet.

25 July 2010

Shock Troops by Wargames Factory

Have you guys seen these yet!!!   I knew they were coming out for a while now, but hadn't realized the time had come.   At 18 mini's for less than 20 bucks I'm not only knocked off my feet, I'm about ready to drop a pretty penny and pick a few up.   Not only do you get more bang for your buck, check out their website Shock Troops, and you'll see that you get a ton of head and weapon options included on the sprue.  What's great is that I can easily swap these into my 40k army as I play about 90% of my games in LGS's LGC's or at home.  No GW Nazi to tell me I can't use my mini's.  :)

Which makes me think...  How are your gaming groups?  Are most of them pretty open to mixing other companies mini's into your armies or do they remain strict about what you can/can't use? You know, now that I type up the question I've never seen anyone in the LGC use non-GW mini's....

21 July 2010

Necromunda update

Well here's my gang leader and his trusty sidekick for our upcoming Necromunda campaign. I've decided to name my gang "Los Hombres del Emperador", and the two you see here are "Lucky Luke" and the "Duke" (left to right) I know the bases aren't great, but I'm waiting for the real ones to come in and seeing that they won't get here till sometime end of August, I thought I'd at least do something so they weren't flat black.

O'er the next two weeks I'll get the rest'em finished so ya'll can expect to see "Hoss", "Red" and "Slim" real soon now.

16 July 2010

Max Mini (a review)

First time I´ve ever done a review of a Bitz company before, and although it´s primarely a positive review there were a few things that I felt could have been improved.   I ordered 2 blisters from Max Mini, the first was the Heavy Machine Guns found HERE and the 2nd was the Mechanical Hammers found on the same page.  Now after 2 days I received an email stating that my order was being processed.  Three weeks later it was still being processed so I droped them an email asking if there was delay.  What really disappointed me was that I had to send a 2nd email 5 days later asking the same question before I got an answer.

They were still working on my order because the Machine guns were out of stock, but not to worry my order would ship in the next 7 days.  Of course I waited 10 days and again no product, again I send an email asking what the delay was, and again pretty much the same answer as the first time.  This time though they actually shipped and after 7 weeks I finally got my products.  Whats cool is that they threw in these heads Fallen Legionnaire heads.  Unfortunately I can´t use them in my Guard army so they´ll be going up for auction sometime soon.

Oh, and on an interesting turn of events, 2 days after receiving my order I received another package from them containing Mechanical Gun arms, Mechanical Hammers, and round shields.  Thinking this a mistake I sent them another email asking if I should return them.  At the time of this posting, I´ve sent them 2 emails and waited 10 days...  no reply.  So maybe I´ll put these up for auction as well.
 Opinion:   Their bitz look great, and require very little prep work to be used. BUT,  their communication sucks...  No two ways around it.  I would definetely order from them again, I just wouldn´t expect fast delivery or timely responses to emails.

10 July 2010


++++++++++Origin: Vallivar System Sector Command
+++++++Destination: Marshal Argos, Commander BG-82
++++++++Received: New Praxis Orbital Relay
+++++++++++Date: 668.M38
+++Telepathic Duct: Astropath-terminus Locion
++++++++++++Ref:  A-2 C-3
Thought for the Day: " Purge the unclean "

You are hereby granted 8 days time to recuperate and see to your wounds before re-assuming command of Battle Group 82.  If you are unable to return in that time, command of BG-82 will be transferred and you will be re-assigned.

May the light of the Emperor guide you.


See ya'll in a week or so, going down the black see with the wife to visit some friends.

03 July 2010

Necromunda - Techno Cowboys

Well now as you can see these are the start of what's going to be my Necromunda Gang in a campaign being ran by one of the local gaming clubs GT-Battlezone.  Real quick the plan is to play using the "Van Saar" rules but using mostly "Delaque" models.  They're still WIP so you'll notice unfinished bases (I'm looking for good ones online) and small details that still need to be picked out, but you get the idea as to where I'm going with these guys I'm sure.  I like to call them "Techno Cowboys".   Now I've never played Necromunda before so this is going to be something new for me. 

So far I've only gotten one test game in and I really enjoyed it.  I was really suprised at how long a game can last (watching 2 other games) as the gang members get shot, stand up again and still fight on.  The rules are, of course, much more detailed than normal 40k.  In fact, it sort of reminded me of 2ed 40k.   You can be hit and only receive a Flesh wound, or you can be hit and killed or not wounded at all. 

For anyone looking for more information check out the rules on GW's homepage or just do a Google search for "Necromunda".   In fact Let me Google that for you.  I wish I could recommend other sites, but there's so many out there and as of yet I'm still looking myself.    Look forward to future updates and more info as I dig deeper into the Necromunda underworld.