04 January 2009

Sunday night update

Well I did most of the detailing this weekend and gave it a grey base coat. After a while I get lost in the sea of colors provided by all the different color cardboard, so I typically base it grey every now and then. All in all there's over 100 rivets on here, and let me tell ya that was was boring. As you can see most of the details come from GW bits, which you can get off the Tank acessory Sprue, or they are left overs from the bits box. What I couldn't find pre-made, I had to resort to paper to create.

The more that I stare at this thing the more I agree with others who have stated that the cannon is to small. Although I hate to tear it apart to fix/increase it's size the thought has been running through my mind as of late, we'll see how I feel tomorrow after sleeping on it for a night. Hope you all enjoyed the pics.

01 January 2009

Valdor minor update.

Not much of an update really, but wanted to show the latest pics for the Valdor that I'm building. I added a little bit of detail and am waiting on the GreenStuff to cure so that I can make the rivets that all IG vehicles need.

The pic above shows off the right side and the power couplings. I made these using straws, and although they don't look as good as the original I think it works quite well. Next up will be the sponson on the other side.

This pic shows the rear of the tank and the engine coverings. Exhaust pipes come from the BB kit (fuel drums as well, just haven't glued them in place). Due to the holidays I really haven't had the chance to put as much work into this as I wanted. I still have 2 other Malcador Defenders that I'm building as well to go with the 2 Malcadors that I already have. In the end these will bring the total up to 5, and finish off the Super Heavy Detachment for my next Apoc game.