27 April 2014

ToE 73rd Armored (Part 4)

The 73rd Armored Regiment has fought for the Emperor for the last 13 years.  The regiment is composed of 7 Armored company equipped with variety of Leman Russ battle tanks.  Very few tank regiments originating from Fantoma are equipped with the more exotic variations like the executioner, Punisher, Eradicator or Demolisher.  Super Heavy or Artillery support is also provided by the 73rd Armored, and against common practice in the Imperium Super Heavy Units from the sector are also equipped with Malcador and Valdor tanks.  The Super Heavy Company is composed of 1x Stormblade, 7x Malcadors and 3 Valdor tanks.

The regiment has no inherent infantry support and relies completely on support from one of BG-82'S infantry Regiments. In addition the 73rd has been assigned to BG-82 since its inception and is also contains the famous Tank Ace Vet. Sgt. Knebel, with 168 confirmed kills, more than any other tanker assigned to BG-82.

22 April 2014

Avenger Strike Fighter (Part 6)

Well it's been almost a month since I put up any progress regarding my Avenger, so I thought it's about high time I did so.  For those that may not have seen it, here's a link to Part 5.  I haven't done much on the exterior other than get 80% percent of the engines painted black. There's still a lot of detailing left to do.
 You can see that unfinished engine on the right, but also the weapons mounted on their hard points.  The lascannons are fixed, but the missiles are attached using magnets so the load out can be easily changed.
Here's the crew.  I filed off about 3mm's on the back of the pilots seat, and 2mm's on the gunner.  This gave me more room in the cockpits.  Heads were swapped (I've always been a huge fan of Robotech) and green stuffed, and I found that they both sat a bit to high for my liking.
Once I got the files back out, I shaved off about 2mm from the bottom of the seats and everything fit much better.
I didn't really like the pose of the Navigator/Gunner, so repositioned his arms, and will add the extra stick to his left arm.  The idea is that the rear gun is then controlled over the joysticks and not by hand.  By shaving off the rear of the seat I also gained more room for him as well, but still didn't like how the rear gun was taking up so much space.   So...
I removed the rear of the gun..  I suppose I'll just say that the munition feed comes up through the bottom of the ball joint.

Well that's it for this week.  We've once again got company from abroad, so I don't think I'll have much "hobby" time in the coming weeks.

17 April 2014

Battle Group Campaign Log

So I'm stealing yet another idea from Col. Scipio (The Palladian Guard), but this time it's going to a modified version of it. I've been working on a Campaign Log for my armies.  It's been a work/idea in progress for quite some time now, and I think I'm ready to show it to the "world" and get some outside input.  In other words comments and criticism is welcome, if you don't like something though, please tell me why so that I can think about fixing it (if I feel it's needed).  There's nothing I hate more than a comment knocking someones work, but not being able to justify it.

So without further ado... 

Above is the over all view of my campaign log.  I know that some players out there, quite literally list and name "Every" model in their army.  Although I think that's cool, it's just not for me.  Instead, I have listed every unit, and "key players" in my armys or fluff.  As I play a game, I decide on the unit, company, Regiment, etc... and then I fill in the CO's name.  The only other time I list a mini on here is when he did something heroic and deserves an award.

Now we come to the list of awards and ribbons that may be present in my army. All of the pictures were found on the Internet at various sites over the years. The names and descriptions have been slightly modified or completely modified to fit my purposes.  This way the awards fit into the background fluff that I will one day share with the Internet.  ;)

awards cont'd....

You may have noticed that there isn't much background regarding the earlier battles or campaigns that BG82 was involved in.  This is mostly due to the fact that although I had thought of fluff back then I didn't document it very well, and secondly after leaving the Army I have no idea what happened to the little that I had. So everything prior to the War of Avenweddon, is simply background that I sort of remember and used to fill in the gap's.  I started this project about 3 years ago, forgot about it, and just started it back up again after the last Apocalypse game. I'm hoping to keep it going as it is quite fun to do.  

The next post will finally show off some more models, as I've been slowly trudging away, just not enough to make a post out of em yet.

08 April 2014

ToE 19th Scansin Lancers (Part 3)

By far the smallest of the Regiments assigned to Battle Group 82, the 19th Scansin Lancers is made up of slightly more than 1000 troopers.  There ability to quickly redeploy on the field of battle more than makes up for their small numbers.  The 19th is a green Regiment and their assignment to BG82 is their first posting.  Although not requested by the Battle Group, the Regiment has been given a few chances to prove their worth to the Group.  Up until this point their usefulness has been questionable, and Marshal Argos is still undecided on their future.

Contrary to many Rough Rider Regiment's throughout the Imperium the 19th Lancers are also trained as standard guardsman.  Meaning that they can operate mounted using their Lances, or as dis-mounted infantry.  This is extremely useful for outflanking an enemy, and using the dismounted troops to set up a prepositioned firing line. Up until now, this has been their redeeming factor, the 19th has performed exceptionally well when deployed in a dis-mounted role.  Some of the lower echelon officers have even begun to voice the opinion that Group command has no idea how to properly employ cavalry.   Of course such thoughts are rarely voiced in the presence of outsiders, or within 100 meters of a Commissar, but the idea is slowly spreading throughout the battle group.

03 April 2014

ToE 7th Scansin (Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2, and a little bit of background on the 7th Scansin Regiment of Foot. The 7th Scansin is a pure Light Infantry Regiment, with absolutely no vehicles at all. Scansin is the 2nd most important Planet in the Vallivar Sub-System, but has only light manufacturing capabilities. Instead it provides almost 70% of the agricultural in the system. Imperial Guard Regiments from Scansin are most noticeable for the grey trousers and blue coats, which some say refer to the uniforms worn by workers in the planets Breweries (2nd largest export). Nonetheless, like all Regiments assigned to Battle Group 82, armor, artillery, and even transportation is provided by the Battle Group.

"Yes I like to make it hard on my Guardsman, all that walking keeps 'em fit and ready for battle.  We're the Imperial Guard! not some Regiment of Bureaucrats who need pampering."  - Marshal Argos, when asked why he's never requested a Transportation Regiment.

Platoon Command Team
This Regiment is broken up into 10 Companies of the line, and currently composed of 3 Infantry platoons of 3 squads.  Although Sector Command has deemed the Rgt. combat ready, it is currently only at 60% strength.  All heavy weapons are located at the Company HQ's and can be used to support the Infantry platoons as required. Where the 313th is typically used as shock force, striking deep behind enemy lines, the 7th Scansin is typically used in all scenarios where Infantry are required.