08 April 2014

ToE 19th Scansin Lancers (Part 3)

By far the smallest of the Regiments assigned to Battle Group 82, the 19th Scansin Lancers is made up of slightly more than 1000 troopers.  There ability to quickly redeploy on the field of battle more than makes up for their small numbers.  The 19th is a green Regiment and their assignment to BG82 is their first posting.  Although not requested by the Battle Group, the Regiment has been given a few chances to prove their worth to the Group.  Up until this point their usefulness has been questionable, and Marshal Argos is still undecided on their future.

Contrary to many Rough Rider Regiment's throughout the Imperium the 19th Lancers are also trained as standard guardsman.  Meaning that they can operate mounted using their Lances, or as dis-mounted infantry.  This is extremely useful for outflanking an enemy, and using the dismounted troops to set up a prepositioned firing line. Up until now, this has been their redeeming factor, the 19th has performed exceptionally well when deployed in a dis-mounted role.  Some of the lower echelon officers have even begun to voice the opinion that Group command has no idea how to properly employ cavalry.   Of course such thoughts are rarely voiced in the presence of outsiders, or within 100 meters of a Commissar, but the idea is slowly spreading throughout the battle group.


  1. How is the Marshal feeling about Rough Riders potentially gaining Krak Grenades and Laspistol/CCW in the new 'dex?

    1. Tschja, if you mean laspistol and ccw then I'm thrilled. Just the krak grenades by themsleves is nice but id prefer the first. I have to admit though that I hadn't heard that rumor.

    2. It was on one of the italian screen shots iirc. I don't speak italian but I was able to parse it out based on a few words and knowing 40k. Grenades were mentioned twice and the lances were different from some item that had melee, or some such, in it.

      I hope I'm right. If so, it gives me another reason to finish my 30 Rough Riders for a game.