27 November 2012

A new Milestone

I just wanted to thank all of you who have helped me reach reach 50,000 page views!!!  I noticed last week that I was a few hundred views away, but didn't expect it to reach it already.

So once again, thanks for the last 4 years and here's to another 10!  :)

- Marshal Argos

20 November 2012

Review: GW vs. Dystopian Legion

(Photo's are not by me*)
After my last post I was really looking around for more photo's of the new models from Spartan Games.  My thoughts were to use some as IG Veterans.  My hopes were dashed  though as I found this and other photo's showing the true scale of their models. 

As you can see in the photo they are at least 2 heads taller than GW IG models...  Which would explain why the Drummer Boy (Musician) that I bought is almost the same size as GW mini's.

I guess I'll just have to keep looking.

Original Photo and more comparisons can be found here: AD Publishing

14 November 2012

Review: Spartan Games "Dystopian Legions Drummer"

I recently pre-ordered the model above for use with my Imperial Guard detachment the "7th Scansin Regiment of Foot".  The company is Spartan Games, and it's from their Kingdom of Britannia line for Dystopian Legions.  Their website states that you get 2 Miniatures but never actually show you a picture of the 2nd Mini.   Naja, I thought it's either two of the same, or something close, and went ahead and ordered it. These came in yesterday and of course I just had to get it open and see how they looked.  Below is the back side of the box they came in.
Here's my first surprise, the second model comes with a field hat, and not even a Pith Helmet. My 2nd surprise is that the one model that comes with a Pith (the one I was really after) is bare footed...  :(  Now I'm stuck trying to decide what to do.  Either Green stuff a pair of boots (which I'm not good at), use the 2nd model, or I have to start cutting. 

The miniatures themselves are very well done, but there was quite a bit of flash to clean up, which went pretty quick though.  Another thing that bothered me was that the slots in their bases is too small, and you have to trim down the piece below the mini to get t hem to fit.    The attention to detail is very good, and I was blown away and all the fine details when you look closer.  I'm really looking forward to getting these painted up.
Above is a picture showing the hight of the miniature next to Marshal Argos himself.  They pass quite together well I must say, although he could off been a tad smaller seeing that he's supposed to be a child.  All in all an Excellent Miniature and I'm already considering using some of their other Miniatures as Storm Troopers.

11 November 2012

Veterans Day

To all those who have served: Brother, Sisters, stand tall for today is your day.  You did your time; in the mud, in the sky, or on a ship your service has saved the lives of uncountless.  Be proud of what you have done.
To those who are serving still:  You're caring the flag my brothers and sisters.  Your continued service is respected by the world over.  YOU are the Hero's that watch over us day to day.

You will never be forgotten.


05 November 2012

19th Mynvody Lancers

Well, I have all the horses together, but I have to admit the kits were horrible!  None of the heads really fit correctly, so I they have all been corrected using Liquid Green Stuff.  I have to admit though that this stuff is super easy to use.  I've added the rear strap with Cereal box, and used some bits to add some kit them.  I'd like to give most, if not all the Lancers a sword, pistol, and Lance.  This way I can use them with any combination of weapons allowed in the codex.

As for their Riders, well we can see one of those below.

As mentioned in an earlier post, the legs are from Victoria Miniatures, and the torso's from Curious Constructs.  The only issue I had was that the legs on the riders are too close together for the horses!!!  So I had to go back and pull them apart about 2-3mm so that they would fit.  Not 100% sure about the colors yet, but it'll be something along those lines.

17 September 2012

Reinforcements have arrived

And I finally have something worthwhile to post!!!  I finally was able to pick up my order from Victoria Mini's.  It's been at the local "zollamt" or customs office for the last couple of days and as I had the day off I swung by to pick it up. 

Here's all the parts:

 Here's the counts as Heavy bolter for the HQ squad.  (Thanks Col. Gravis!!!)

and here is the cavalry detachment from the "16th Mynvody Lancers"
Horses from GW, body from "Curious Constructs", legs and arms from Victoria Miniatures. 
I'll have to do a little GS work on the horse and the arms but all in all it's pretty good match.  I've heard such wonderful things about GW Liquid GS over the last few months I guess I have a reason to try it out now. 

05 September 2012

Exterminator Weathering Repaint

As mentioned in my previous post I decided to try out the so called "Salt technique" to weathering.  Now in almost every How-To I could find your supposed to wash off the Salt with water.  Seeing that my Exterminator is made from Cereal box that wasn't exactly an option.  Instead I had to deal with brushing the salt off with a stiff brush and gently with a plastic sculpting  knife.  Here's a close up of the end result.

Now as you can see it wasn't the best of clean up jobs, but it got the job done.  I have sense gone back and touched up the couple of white spots but others I've left.  I figure once I go back and use weathering powders many of those spots and blemishes will blend away.

Overall, for the first try I don't think it turned out that bad.  I learned a bit in the process and will need to remember to not use so much Hairspray next time, as well as spraying a lighter coat of brown.  In the picture above the line from where the tape was is quite visible.  :)

More to follow... as time allows...

12 August 2012

Adventures in using an Air Brush.

Well I had some time today to get out the Air brush and I started adding on the next color.  I have to admit taping off the new Camo design took more time than actually painting the model.  I'm pleased with the results, but learned a bit while I was at it. 

Some of you have noticed a few runs and smudges were I applied to much paint and where I didn't get get the tape pressed tight enough on the model...  It's important to take your time when taping everything off because the tape really does need to sealed good.  If not the paint will get underneath and you'll have to touche it up later. 

Next up removing the salt and starting on the a few more minor details before moving onto the weathering.

16 July 2012

7th Scansin Regiment of Foot

So I've decided to break down and do something a little bit different for my 4th Platoon.  I'm going to combine bits from GW's Cadian, Victoria Miniatures, Max Mini, and Curious Constructs to create the "7th Sconscin Regiment of Foot".  Expect to see more ideas and such soon. Including my ideas or heavy weapons and photo montage for how I expect my army to look.

Th pic above is just a quick idea of how expect them to look.  The idea was better in my head, but I will definitely have to get a deeper blue, and change he red leg strip to something else.

08 July 2012

New Air Brush

So I picked up a new airbrush a couple weeks ago and finally had the chance to try it out the other day.  I'll admit it's a beginner's class starter kit from Revell.  But I am just a beginner with one of these so I don't mind at all.  Besides it's there to help m repaint all my armour, and as you can see in the two pics below it works wonders.  It's super easy to use, and feels quite comfortable in the hand.  The trigger on top is easy to push so you don't have to squeeze hard at all.

 The clip in the front is for the paint jar so and feels quite balanced in the hand.  He only issue I had was that I originally didn't have  enough paint in the jar (I was only testing it) an I found that rotated the gun to achieve different angles I would loose the paint... 

So anyways heres the progress of tank one after 20 minutes time painting and a bit of drying time between 3 layers.  

Yes I said 3 layers.  Black, Dark Green, hairspray with salt, and the 3rd layer of lighter green. And all that with a painting time of 20 minutes!!!   Love this thing!!!

Here's my only worry..  how long does one of these cans last? 

 More news and pics as I get further along.

01 May 2012

All Infantry IG Lists

SO... I've been thinking about where I want to go with my IG army and I've been mulling the idea of an all Infantry "almost" list.  I plan on throwing in 6 or 7 Sentinels or a FW Tauros's (counts as sentinel) to help provide some mobile heavy support, but that would be it for vehicles. 

Does anyone else out there do this?  any ideas as to what would make this a fun army to play against.   Please remember that I like to play for FUN, and for me fun doesn't include power lists.

14 April 2012

Arrival, Insertion and Survival

The 313th Drop Troop Regiment is back! I've been following you all silently in the dark and am once again ready to rejoin the ranks of the Imperial Guard.

"After a long (year and half) journey through the warp, Battle Group 82 has finally arrived in system.  Not willing to wait any longer Marshal  Argos decided to deploy his forces as quickly as possible, even if it meant not waiting for the rest of the ships carrying the Battle Groups Armour."

 In other words, I finally got a game in.  It was small game 1000 pts against Necrons, and I have to admit I have forgotten so many small rules...    Well, other than that I am currently planning the return of not only my army, but to regular posting as well.