28 February 2016

Tank Commander Deering

Lieutenant!  What do you think your doing.  You get that crate of yours back to base right now.  This is the Imperial Guard, not some under hive speed cult gang!!!

Tank Commander Deering, could be in charge of her own Armored Regiment by now if not for the fact that she finds it hard to follow orders.   Lt. Deering has an uncanny ability to command armor, always knowing exactly where and when to employ her Platoon. 

Credited with uncounted rescues and last minute victories Lt. Deering is both loved and loathed by her Commanding officers. The troops of the 73rd adore her, although some believe for other reasons, and her crew always has her back.  First into and last out of a battle, Lt Deering can always be found at the front, pushing to beat the Kill record of Vet. Sgt. Knebel

22 February 2016

Painting mojo

So, it's been a bit of a while since I've posted, but I've still been a bit busy with modeling and painting.  More so with buying than other things, but I did manage to start the squad above as part of a BnC challenge.

Some of you may remember this:

Which turned into Commissar Morkelvichka assigned to the 7th Scansin:
And then there was this guy:
Who has turned into Brevet Colonel Sunderland of the 7th Scansin...

Oh but he's gonna get a post all of his own in the coming days, so I won't put to much up here and now.  More to follow in the coming weeks as I get a bit more done and start on some long over due projects, and tie up so loose ends on a few others.