18 August 2013

Review: 28mm steampunk inspired heavy weapons (Part 2)

 And here's part 2. Part 1 can be found here = Part 1

The good:
Very little clean-up was needed. I only found one place with a little bit of mold release left over, and that was gone in a jiffy.  I would still recommend giving the kits a good washing though as it is resin and all.
As I stated in the last post, 90% of the flash flakes off at the touch.  To get the last 10% you need a hobby knife and a couple of files.  (Don't take your wife's nail file though...  They won't like it when they find out what you've been using it for). 

As promised here's a few pics showing off the awesome detail in the kits:

The Bad: 

No Insturctions... Although to be honest these kits are super easy to put together and I really don't see a need for printed instructions.  The only time I wished I had a picture was assembly of the Rocket Launcher.  I used the pictures that were on thee kick-starter page for reference.  IF the good Col. Gravis reads this, maybe putting up some finished model pics on your website with a note as to where we could see the pics would be nice in the future.

The Middle:
The points where the mold connected to the wheel was a bit worse, but if you turn the that part to the bottom it's not visible any whey.

There were also a couple of mold lines here and there but they were easily removed with a file.

And as requested by "Buffer" in the last post here is a comparison shot of the Bombardier.
Left to Right:  Mix of Victoria Mini's an GW Legs, Bombardier, GW Preatorian, GW Master of the fleet.

15 August 2013

Review: 28mm steampunk inspired heavy weapons (Part 1)

Some of you might remember this post IG Heavy Weapons from Curious Constructs. Well I received my pledge the other day, (last week, but I was on vacation so it doesn't count) and thought I might  as well get a review up of everything that came in the box.

Unpacking: ;) look at all these new toys!
Initial Impressions: Lots of flash, rocket launchers a bit bent, but fixed within 10 minutes.The flash is extremely thin, and crumbles away when you touch it so it's not that hard to remove. 
 Clean up:  All I needed was a hobby knife and a normal file. To clean this one up took me about 5 minutes. 
Now the metal bits (the gun crews) and limited edition "Bombardier"  had almost no flash on them at all.  Just a hint of a mold line here and there, and those can be cleaned up with a simple file.  Below is a not so good picture of the Bombardier, and all the gun crews.
What I really think is great are the number of heads that are included.  We all know from experience how much it hurts to build our army and every 4 models have the same head.  In this case we received 10 heads for every 6 Troopers!!

Kit and Detail:  The kits themselves are very nicely done, and go together in a breeze.  The detail on these is simply amazing, from the rear of the gun-shield to the pistons and machine parts on the guns themselves. I am more than impressed with the work and attention to detail that went into these, it really makes these look sharp.  I'll get some more pics of the individual weapons up in Part 2, as I begin to assemble them.

And last but not least, here's the start of the "Bombardier", I just couldn't wait to get started on this guy, he's still a WIP but for 30 minutes of painting he'll fit in perfectly with my army. Now I just have to pick a name for this guy. 

Over all:
Great stuff and I'm really looking forward to finishing some of these up to use in my army. More detailed pics of the weapons and assembly in Part 2