26 February 2010

Marshal Argos and Body Guards


Here's my IG General "Marshal Argos" and his bodyguard.  In game terms he counts as Creed and the two bodyguards are... well bodyguards.  He's been shown here before so the focus isn't really on him, but the guy on the right.  He's finally finished, after 2 years and umpteen different weapon arms he is finally staying exactly as you see him below.

He's depicted the carrying the combat banner for Battle Group 82, newly formed under the command of Marshal Argos.  Eventually I want to do up a spiffier one looking more like a display banner but that will probably be done after another year or two of kicking around ideas in my head.

23 February 2010

Templar Tuesday's Crusader Squad

I suppose it's about time to show my 3rd Crusader squad.  I have total of 3 squads armed for assault and 2 for support.  Each of the 3 squads armed for CC are equipped with a meltagun, just in case, and a PW.  The support squads have either Plasma/Melta guns and HB's.  Again as you see in the pic I wanted to try and make each Templar individual so the back banners are always different as each has different markings.  Like the fluff for the BT goes I really wanted them to look like they were brothers who came together to fight out of comradeship and not because the good book (Codex Astartes) says so. 

Oh, and I promise that after today's crappy pic I will re-shoot (until they're good) them before posting.  I just couldn't seem to get the picture taking mojo working last night and gave up.

20 February 2010

Removable Titan Weapons (pt. 6)

Don't you just hate weapons that are stuck in place?  So do I, so I wanted something different for my Warhound. What I decided on was use using 4 magnets and 1 ping pong ball for each arm.   I cut the ball in half, and sealed 2 magnets inside and glued it to the arm.  Now these 2 magnets inside are free, meaning they are not glued in place, you can hear them rattle around in the ball.  
The 2nd two magnets are glued on the outside part of the other half of the ball, and then mounted under the shoulder on the Warhound.  Outside is important because you want the two halves of the ball to be able to rotate inside of each other.
 By not gluing the 2 magnets inside the arm, it allows the arm to rotate, as the magnets always pull together you can position the arm anyway you want: up, down, left or right.  Above you can see how the other half is mounted inside the shoulder.   The next photos are of both weapons arms mounted and then a 2nd shot with all the pieces separated. 
 So for any of you how there who are thinking about building one of these I hope this can be useful to you!

17 February 2010

Heads up Display (Warhound pt. 5)


While discussing this project on the "Boot Camp" Imperial Guard Forum one of the members said I should make a HUD for my Warhound.   These are the only pictures from the 30 or so that I took that are presentable enough to be shown here.


It's not exactly the best photograph, it also isn't exactly my best work, but it get's the point across pretty good.  I mounted it on the roof of the head so that it's still removable to look inside the cockpit itself.   Next up is going to be the weapon arms,  I was able mount them so that they are not only removable but also so that they rotate and elevate!

16 February 2010

Black Templar Marshal (BTT pt. 4)


Ah, yes this was my first incarnation in the 40K realm.  You'll see that his name is Argos, and seeing that he's a Marshal you'll understand where I originally got "Marshal Argos" from.  Nowadays I've used the term for my Guard army because I use my BT anymore.    I love this mini, and I think I did a decent job painting him, even though I see now that the pic is a bit blurry.  The base on the other hand is horrible, and it was my first time trying something like that...

For those of you wondering, the shoulder guard and grieves are both made with Cereal box.  I have green stuff but why waste on on things that could be made simpler and faster using other methods.   

I've also decided to clean my BT up a bit and will be posting new comparison shots starting sometime next month. That should be interesting, you'll be able to see some of my original BT next to ones that I painted a few years later, and you'll still notice that the paint job sucks...  ;)

Well, here's to next week, prost!

14 February 2010

Canis Vulpis Banner (pt. 4)

 Started and finished the banner for the girl, along with working on the legs some more.  The banner above is was when I was working on it.  I drew the outline on paper, and then used a combination of paint and fine tipped colored markers to draw it in.

Here's the finished banner from the front.   The legs are almost done, they still needs another layer 'o' green and then maybe a little bit of shading but for the most part I think the legs are pretty much done, i hope.  Below is the same banner from the rear.


See ya'll on Tuesday, with it being Valentine's day I don't think I'll be getting anything else done this weekend...

09 February 2010

Templars Predator Annihilator... (BT Tuesdays pt.3)

There she is, this single tank has killed more enemy units than any other in my entire BT army.  Originally I had modeled her without the sponson Lascannons but added those later to increase the destructive capability.  With the addition of POTMS this guy can really do some damage.
Here's a few pictures of the interior:

The above pic has to be one of my favorites pics I have ever taken.  I think it gives him a little bit of a sinister feeling dark and shadowy.

This is the same pic but with a little more light added to it.  Seeing this now year later it makes me wish I had painted the monitors and not just the radar....  Oh well, now its a note for self for self in the future.

07 February 2010

Warhound Princeps (3)

A titan, one of the most powerful war machines ever created by humans is commanded by a Princeps.   He holds destruction in the wisp of a thought as he controls the titan through the MIU, a simple thought can bring the titan to full out run, or fire one of its massive weapon arms.  Shown above Zachariah "Iron" Sterling, Princeps of the Warhound Titan Canis Vulpis.  Right after I painted this I decided the yellow cuffs needed something else so I added black braiding, and then the camera died, so at some point I'll update the photo.   He has a SM head, WH Fantasy chest, greenstuffed arms and epaulets, and the hands and legs are from the sentinel pilot sprue.

Moderati crew, I used SM heads and filed down the bottom to fit the Sentinel bodies.  I then used green stuff to make a little bit of chest armor and to get the arms to fit correctly.  The cockpit itself is just cardboard, and bits from various kits.

Here's a better shot of the cockpit and controls.  You'll also notice a magnet on the back, currently the head is magnetized for painting but I'll remove the magnet and glue the head in place once it's finished being painting, which at the rate I paint could be a bit.

02 February 2010

Templar Tuesdays (2)

It's Tuesday again, and with it comes the next picture of my Templars.  This one is especially bad, maybe after this I'll take new photo's to put up here.  Notice the unfinished bases, or even the different color bases...  Not one Templar in my army has a finished base, back then I just wasn't interested in that part, I just wanted to get them painted and onto the table top as fast as possible.

Now, when I first started BT I had painted all these guys bog standard white shoulders and black armor.  Then over the years as I expanded as saw other BT and SM armies, I tried incorporating different aspects of what I'd seen.  For example I decided that anyone in the squad could have a back banner, and they back banners would all be different.  I used heads from Chaos or from the Wolves, and I tried to modify the armor a bit to match some of the armor seen in GW drawings as seen here or here, or created by people like Scibor.

Na ya, it was fun, but as you've probably noticed by the name of this blog, no matter what I tried with my BT I was always pulled back towards Imperial Guard.