27 July 2015

Macharius Vanquisher - WIP - Part 3

How 'ma lookin boys?
Well she's done!  I may still put on another clear coat but I haven't decided yet.  The weathering isn't the best, but better than some of my earlier attempts at it.  Hopefully the clear coat won't take to much of it away.  I've had that happen on a few other model's before and didn't enjoy having to go back and do another coat of  "weathering" on top of the clear coat.

Before you ask, I picked out some of the details with paints, didn't really use a lot of washes this time, and mostly I used those on the back where the engine is.  The rest of it was done with weathering powders and different types of brushes.

I've decided on a name for Commander "Lt. Deering", and I've started on a bit of back ground for her as well.  But one thing I realized was that I didn't have a name for the Mach itself.  The one that seems to stick in my head the most is simply "Thunder" but we'll see how I feel about that in a few days.
And above you can see a close up of Lt. Deering riding the Copula. Nothing like checking out the enemy with your own eyes before blasting them to pieces.

20 July 2015

ToE 4224th Imperial Guard Army (Part 7)

Well I promised that I would put this up a while back, but things just haven't been going like I would like so I'm just getting around to doing it now.  To answer "Zzzzz's" question "I note that the BG HQ functions could be described as another battalion. Are they one cohesive unit or are they drawn from the BG's constituent units ?"  I'll have to provide a bit of background for how Sub-Sector Command is organized out here on the fringes of the Veiled Region.

So in my little part of the Galaxy, there is constant war with the planets on the edges of the Veiled Region constantly under attack by enemies of the Imperium.  Because of this many Regiments that are raised don't leave the Sub-Sector and typically receive reinforcements every 2 years from the core worlds of the Sub-sector.  To ensure that the Battle Groups and Army Groups are staffed with experienced staff the Officers are assigned to Battle or Army Groups as permenent staff.  The Commander of each Group is free to pick is own staff, the Regiments that are under his/her command are moved around at the will of the Sector command.  Always there where they are needed most.

Marshal Argos escorted by two body guards.
 What that all means for my fluff is that a Battle Group consists of pure combat units.  All of the assorted "support" elements come for the Army Group level.  Now there a always a few support units assigned to a Battle Group, such as cooks (the staff has to eat you know), clerks, medics, etc... but only enough to get them by.  Most of the support work load is handled by the dedicated units at the Army Level, and can be sourced out to the different Battle Groups as needed.

For example: BG-82 has, according to it's TO&E, a HQ Staff, 3x Munitorum Companies, 2x Service Companies, and 2x Medical Companies assigned to it.  It also consists of 6 Regiments, which also have their own support elements. When BG-82 is not deployed in a combat zone, all of these support elements would be reduced down to a platoon of each.  These platoon are the permanent support elements assigned to the Group.  Once the Group receives Deployment orders, the support elements would be increased, according to the number of combat units assigned, by pulling down the required units from the Army Group level.

* Sorry about the IGA logo, I'm from Wuh'Scaahnsin, and we always had to hit up da IGA on da way up Nort'.

13 July 2015

Tank Commander ???

So here's a bit closer shot of tank commander.  The one below was taken on a different day, and really didn't come out so good, but it's the best I could do under the weather conditions.  I'm having a hard time deciding on a name for her, so far the choices are
Lt. Thrace
Lt. Vansen
Lt. Deering

The model itself was a blast to paint and I really enjoyed working with it.  The resin and details are superb, and there was hardly any flash, or deformed parts. GW better start paying attention to all the other companies out there, as many of them meet or exceed GW's "standards".   Once I have a name for her and the tank is finished I'll put up her fluff.

08 July 2015

Macharius Vanquisher - WIP - Part 2

So after the shading from last time, I added the second layer, and finished up my Tank Commander.  No closeups of her as I'm planing an individual post for that. 

After that I covered the model in "UHU Patafix" adhesive pads, you don't have to push it down into the corners but make sure that you've covered all the areas that you want to keep the original Beige color. I supposed you could use silly putty or something along those lines as well.  It took a bit to get it all covered but it was well worth the few extra minutes.  After that I sprayed her with an "olive brown", and let her dry.

So, once the first two brown's are dry, add another layer of adhesive pads on all the parts that you want to keep with the darker brown, but don't remove the first!  As you can see I then sprayed again using Olive Drab.  Now it's time to kick back, let'er dry and enjoy a cold one.

And now we have the finished (almost) product.  I had to go back and tidy up a few spots where I sprayed to heavily and there we a few places where I jammed the putty to hard into the cracks.  But all in all I think I'm allowed to pat myself on the back. 

02 June 2015

ToE BG-82 (Part 6)

As promised quite some time ago, here is a bit more background / fluff about my army.  As we all know, in recenent editions GW decided that IG Regiments were pure bloods.  Either all Infantry, all Armor, all Arty, etc... etc... So, in my solution to that was Battle Group 82.  For those interested, here are the TO&E's for the 5 Regiments assigned to B-82

313th Fantoma DTR
327th Fantoma Infantry
7th Scansin Infantry
19th Scansin Lancers
73rd Fantoma Armored

This allowed me to field all the different Regiments, in the different colors that I wanted.  Combining them all under one flag, led by Marshal Argos himself.

Ah, but where is the Titan support, and Avenger.... where do they fit in???

Well I envision these at the army or theater level.  So, they fall under the TO&E for the 4224th Imperial Guard Army.

28 May 2015

Macharius Vanquisher - WIP

As promised long ago here's an update to the Macharius Vanquisher.  As you can see it's not much, but it'll show that I'm at least going forward.  
The commander is "Tank Gunner Ash" from Raging Hereos, to get her to fit I hat drill out the commanders hatch adding about 1cm in depth.  Well worth it though as I can remove her (yes her legs are still on) and always use her for something else in the future.  At some point in the coming days/ weeks I'm  gonna have to do up some background for her. 

An a picture of the primed tank.  Primed dark grey, and then 2 light coats of a sand color.  Then I did a bit of pre-shading, and the tracks.  Well that's all for now, more in a few days when I get back from our short family vacation.

21 May 2015

7th Scansin Heavy Weapons

Here's the first finished heavy weapons teams for the 7th Scansin.  The weapons are just clipped in so that I can swap them out for Las-Cannons if need be.  In total I plan on doing up 2 more Teams, but those will be static Mortar teams and won't be able to swap the weapons.

These will be my counts as Heavy Bolters

The models themselves I purchased through a Kickstarter from Curious Constructs. They are now available for direct purchase from the web store as well, as I have picked up a few extra pieces for the ones that I have. As I mentioned in some earlier posts, the models were great, easy to prep, and a joy to paint.  
And of course these are Auto Cannons.
 Once I get a bit of time in between getting the Macharius done, I'll start work on the other weapons for these, along with the Mortar Teams.

* and I'll see ya in a week or so, I'm outta here for a week.

15 May 2015

Pumping Station 436-X10 (Battle Report)

Pumping Station 436-X10
"Commander, we have just received word from Group, the assault team Alpha to the east has failed.  The bridge is still intact, and in the hands of the enemy!"  Parallel to the attack on the bridge, assault team Dagger was assigned the task of seizing pumping station 436-X10.  Installed at the joint of 3 Rivers, the pumping station was not only vital for the forces of the Imperium, but tactically vital as it would prove to be a stable FOB.

Enemy guns already targeted the air support as it arrived.
Elements of 3 Regiments along with Air support were assigned to the mission.  Elements of the 313th dropped in advance, with elements of Armor and light infantry moving up for support.  Loitering air support was highly effective, but the enemy deployed an unusually high amount of AA guns.
Forward elements have already sized the pumping station. While the rear defends against a flank maneuver.
Already in the opening phases of the battle, Infantry elements along with light armor support had moved up to seize the pumping station, while light Infantry and heavy armor moved to secure the bridges and defend the flank.
Pumping Station Secure
"Sir, we've got incoming enemy air support heading to the target.  Shall we move up in support?" Called the radio operator.

"Damn it, we just lost the bridge, it'll take to long to re-take.  Order the armor up to the river in fire support.  They should still have range on the target and will be able to provide fire support from there."
Ogryn hauler...
As Ogryn's poured from the wrecked Valkyrie, the Infantry holding the pumping station attempted to dig in just a little bit deeper.  Ogryn's were well known for the lack of intelligence, but on the same hand treasured for their singled minded purpose in close combat.
Hold the line!
After chewing through the first line of Infantry, the 313th retreated deeper into the pumping station.  They only needed to hold out until sun set.  At that point the Ogryn's could be killed in their sleep as they laid down there weapons for "nighty night."
Over Kill
Only smoking craters, red graffiti, and the odd piece of kit was to be found, after 2 Multi-Lassors, 4 Heavy Bolters, and 2 Exterminator Cannon's fired upon the last 2 Ogryns's.


Well much like the previous game, we came up with our own scenario and rules. The river was impassable for Infantry, Dangerous for all vehicles that weren't amphibious.  Only the central bridge in the middle, and the bridge joining the two deployment zones.  Objective was the Pumping station and holding on to it.

I think the pictures explain what happened pretty good, but just a short one liner.  I Won, but I did it in the bottom of the 6th, with quite literally my very last shots from an exterminator.   If I hadn't managed it, I have no doubt that I would have lost in the 7th turn.

Twas a great game, and once again I had a blast!

08 May 2015

Awenweddon - Theater of Operations

Sir, as you can see the 327th Fantoma and 7th Scansin have moved up and secured the ridge line.  Elements of the 19th Scansin have begun sweeps of the area to our front and also patrol our borders with the other Battle Groups.  73rd Armor is supports both of the forward Regiments and has secured our area to the rear with 4 Companies from the 313th.  Two Companies of the 313th has been arranged into a QRF 1with the ability to deploy anywhere in our AO with 30 Minutes.  The remainder has been organized into a RF 2, and can deploy within 2 hours.  The elements that are not currently involved in operations are on standby and can be used as you wish.

04 May 2015

Destroy the Bridge (Battle Report)

Elements of BG-82 advance upon the target.

As part of the defense Avenweddon Marshal Argos BG82 was ordered to move up and secure the western flank, Marshal Argos immediately seized the Ridge line to form a natural line of defense.  With the ridge under control, BG-82 set out to secure a number of bridges and infrastructure targets before the enemy was able to destroy them.
The enemy secured the bridge, but the 313th isn't done yet.
Elements of the 313th DTR jumped in ahead of the main force to secure a number of vital objectives prior to the attack on the bridge.  Forward elements of the 7th Scansin and the 73rd AR, moved up in support before gathering for the main thrust.

Break through! But can they hold.
The main force was required to secure the bridge, and detonate it from the other side.  Below the Imperial Square Monument were the control's to detonate the bridge.  This was to be considered the last resort, but within the first hour of the engagement was already being undertaken.

Air support was called in, and successfully took out the Chaos lord, along with a Daemon. Untold traitors meet their end under the fiery blaze of the Avenger's Gatling cannon.

A single Chimera was able to cross the river and charge on to the secondary objective.  The rest of the assault force was scattered on the eastern edge of the river, unable to assist, and still pursued by traitor marines.
Will the Single Squad be able to detonate the bridge?
In the end I end the traitors were able to contest the objective, and as the sun set upon the battlefield the bridge still stood.  The assault force pulled back under cover of darkness, collecting their wounded along the way.  Although this bridge was lost, there were more important objectives that had been secured that day.


I had a great game a few weeks ago, and realized I never posted this.  We pretty much just made up our own mission, objectives, and deployment zones; and then went out about crushing each others armies. I had a great game, even though I lost, it was the most fund I'd had in a long time.  I've got a couple more posts along these line, I just need to get them all typed up.

01 May 2015

E Tenebrae Lux IV - Macharius Vanquisher

Well as some of you may remember I won a Macharius Vanquisher a while back.  Original post here Up until now I just haven't been able to find the time to get her done, but over the next 3 months I should have more than enough free time do finally do it.

Here's the current progress as of today.

The big push though came from the painting competition over at Bolter and Chainsword.  So I've pledged my Mach and now I have to finish it.

27 March 2015

New Gaming Furniture?

Just finished putting some new living room furniture together a few nights ago, when the wife asks, "Now what shall we all put in there?"    Hmm..  I waited a bit until no one was around and then I set up a few thing that I thought should go in there.  It's now been 3 days and I'm still alive, either the wife hasn't noticed or she's planing her revenge....

Either way, Look for a battle report over the weekend.  BG82 is going out for another spin tonight.

09 March 2015

7th Scansin Individuals

 Commissar Morkelvichka, is the name of my latest side project. She's being done up as she Regimental Commissar for the 7th Scansin. Blood and Glory over at the B&C is what got me motivated to finally finish her. And after a finally getting an hour of time to paint she's looking quite so shiny.

 Commissar Morkelvichka is a young, headstrong Political officer.  Torn between trying to fit in with the other Commissars assigned to BG-82 and finding her place within the 7th Scansin.  She is not one to shirk from her duties, but does tend to spend a bit to much time in front of her pict-caster. Morkelvichka also believes that everyone is constantly watching her every move waiting for her to make a mistake.

Remember those Curoious Constructs Heavy Weapons I bought and have been meaning to paint for...  ever.  Well I finally got around to it. Above are the guns, and below the start of the crew. 
I know they're shiny as well, but it's because the paint I'm using for the coats is "Gloss".  No worries though, once they're done they all get a dull coat and be back to normal. Last but not least is "Brevet Colonel Sunderland".  I'm still working on ideas for him so don't expect anything on that front for a bit.

16 February 2015

Operation Stonewall (Day 16) - Battle Report

Cpt.  Milford's first mistake, setting up his defensive live to close to the enemy.
The downfall of 14th Company, 313th DTR.  It began in the early evening on Friday the 13th. Three and half hours later, and I saw my entire army get chewed through as if it were nothing but Swiss cheese with extra holes.  I won't go into each and every gory detail but rather just highlight a few parts of the game. 

So I faced of against 1500 Pts of 'Nids in a Eternal War: Big Guns Never Tire mission using the Vanguard Strike deployment.  As you may have noticed, mistake one... Setting up right on the edge of the deployment zone.  IMHO this was really something I shouldn't have done.  It ensured that he was able to get way to close way to quick and gave me little time to hammer him at range.
The 19th Lancers trot up to form a mobile reserve.
The entire center of my defense falls apart in turn 2.

Turn one was rather uneventful. But at the end of turn two, I pulverized his Warlord, but somehow it was able to let out some sort of Psychic scream thing.  And of course while right in the middle of my formation.  In that one turn, I lost the following: 2 Exterminators, 2 Sentinels, 1 Infantry Squad, 80% of a PCS, 70% of a 2nd Infantry squad, and half of my cavalry...  I was doomed.
40 Something shots at my Avenger in one turn, and not a scratch...
After turning tail attempting to consolidate what was left of my army on the one Objective that I still had the 'Nid Swarm moved in getting ready for dinner. The one highlight of the game for me was the massive amount of fire that my Avenger took without suffering any damage. 
The Company and both Platoon Command squads rally on an Objective.
As you can see above, by the end of turn 5 there wasn't much left.  The Chimera had 1 HP, and only it's heavy Bolter left.  It's hard to tell in the pic but there's 4 different squads (what's left of them) sitting on the objective.
Lt. Albin and Sgt. Garry are all that's left.

The end of Turn 6, the pic above explains it all...
I lost 10 points to 4.  Completely wiped out my army except for one officer and a Sgt. and a chimera for them to ride home in.


Battle Group 82, excerpt from the Daily AsAsRs*    

Capt. Milford  14th Company. 313th Drop Troop Regiment - For failure to uphold the standards set forth by BG82, the Imperial Tactica, and the Lord Emperor himself, let it be known that he will be reduced in Rank to "Recruit" and what is left of his remains shall be handed over to the Commissariat.  The Emperor will see to his soul. 

14th Company, 313 DTR - Awarded the Tripple Skull.** This award may be worn by all surviving members of the unit at the time of award. 

14th Company, 313 DTR - To be reconstituted using Guardsman from Battle Group Repo unit.  

Lt. Albin 2nd Platoon, 14th Company, 313 DTR - Advanced to the rank of Captain and assigned as the new 14th Company Commander.

*AsAsRs - Advancements, Announcements, and Reprimands

**Tripple Skull
This is unique in being a unit-level distinction awarded to units (the smallest of which must be Company size) which suffer the numerical equivalent of two-thirds their number in casualties 

08 February 2015

7th Scansin - Heavy Weapons

Well I've had these for a while now and just finally got around to start painting them up.  They're the Heavy Weapons from the first Kickstarter ran by Col. Gravis.  Unfortunately I didn't really take any pictures up until this point, but I'll see about making sure that I take pics as I do up the rest.
Right now I'm only going to paint what is going to count as the Heavy Bolter and the Assault Cannon.  The Lascannon is going to end up on a different base.  As for mortars those will be done up on stand alone bases, and the rest of the heavy weapons are going to be done so that I can swap them out on the carriages.

I also didn't as get as much done as I wanted because my daughter wanted to play Princess Castle with her Lego's so of course I had to get involved.  This was the result.