27 May 2013

You are not forgotten

To those that have given their lives so that others may live:
SSG Leslie "Wade" Martin  
You knew I wanted your job when you PCS'd, getting it early wasn't part of the deal.
SPC Angela "Angie" Niedermayer
An airborne "sister" like no other, you always found a way to brighten the day.
SSG Logen "Woody" Woodrow
We didn't know each other well, but you will always be remembered.
SPC Lunsford B. Brown
You never got the chance to meet your daughter, but I know your watching over her every day.

The muffled drum's sad roll has beat
The soldier's last tattoo'
No more on life's parade shall meet
That brave and fallen few;
On Fame's eternal camping ground
Their silent tents are spread;
But Glory guards with solemn round
The bivouac of the dead.

20 May 2013

327th Fantoma Infantry Regiment

I've been working on a bit of my background "fluff" for BG-82, and decided that I would do up a command team from the 327th Infantry Regiment. Battle Group 82, has 5 regiments assigned to it under the command of Marshal Argos (myself).  Seeing that I have units from all of the others I thought it best to paint up at least one unit from the 327th. If for no other reason as to be able to say that I have one unit from every Regiment in my fluff.


327th Fantoma Infantry Regiment

Home-world: Fantoma, Segmentum Tempestus
Current Location: Near the Veiled Region, Segmentum Tempestus
Commander:  Colonel Flinn
Type: Infantry Regiment

Initial grounding of the Regiment, was delayed by unusual Warp activity in the region of space around Fantoma. Based on these anomalies it was decided to postpone all Grounding for until Warp had settled down and the everlasting light of the Emperor had returned to watch over the celebrations.  On its first deployment a troop transport carrying 66.6% of the Regiment never made it to the Departmento Munitorium rendezvous point, having been lost in the warp.  The following 2 years found the Regiment deploying throughout the neighboring sub-sectors to act primarily as a show of force to keep the local population true to the Emperor.


Permanently reassigned to Battle Group 82, the 327th has just recently transited in system and is preparing for deployment in the defense of Avenweddon.  This has been marked as a joyous day within the Regiment, as they will be fighting alongside 2 other Regiments from Fantoma, and that they have been assigned to the infamous Battle Group 82.  


11 May 2013

Echo Troop (Rough Riders)

Don't you just hate it when you start a post and then forget about it...  Well here's the first 6 of my Rough Riders, the other 4 are still being assembled.  The heads have also been changed to the "Picklehaube" version from Curious Constructs.


Watching Echo Troop file past Marshal Argos began to wonder if Task Force 82 would ever reach it's full strength.  Up until now he barely had 3 combat effective Regiments.  In less than 2 months the Task Force was going to be required to go on the offensive in the ongoing "Avenweddon Crisis".   

"They're looking better each day" said Argos as he turned to his Regimental Commanders, "but will they be ready to fight.  Turning in and and re-dressing on the parade field is well and good but can the troopers do it under stress, under the guns of the enemy?"

04 May 2013

Games Day 2013 (Germany)

What a sham.   So I started thinking about GD Germany the other day, (yes I live in Germany) and went looking for information.  Lo and behold, they have upped the prices, removed the giveaway T-Shirt and Mini, (they will be available for a fee) and limited the number of guests to 2000....

OK, so the guest limit doesn't bother that much, as there might actually be enough space now to look at things. And hopefully the people who don't know how to shower won't buy their Tickets until after GW is sold out.  This also might increase the chance to be able to pick up some FW stuff. But it's more likely that FW would just bring lest stuff.

I guess the part of this whole thing that really bothers me the most is that we're supposed to pay MORE, and get less for our money...  (no mini / no T-Shirt)

GW has really been pissing me off the last few weeks.

Question to you all:   Does anyone know if GW is doing the same thing in the US or UK?