02 May 2016

A Guide to the usage Cavalry (Part 2)

Offensive Combat

Cavalry must seek decisive results through rapid maneuver and surprise attacks upon the weak points, and flanks of the enemy.  The Cavalry Regiments of Scansin have a unique ability in that they are trained to attack mounted, dismounted or in combination.  

Mounted Attack

It’s important for Imperial Commanders to remember that the primary means of attack for a Cavalry Regiment is the mounted attack. This can be a direct attack on the enemy’s front, or in support of other elements along the enemies flank.  The primary weapons employed in a mounted attack are the lance and sword.  The Lance has been known to shock a great number of the Emperors enemies into fear, driving them from the field of battle.  The key to a mounted attack is surprise, and with the blessing of the Emperor this may be achieved by the direction of attack or rapidity of attack.  The attack may be made in smoke, or disguised by terrain. 
An Imperial Commander whether it be Captain or Lord Marshal must always remember the following points to a cavalry attack.  Surprise, Supporting fire, Superior numbers, Terrain, Reconnaissance and Security are the watch words when planning all types of attacks.
It is essential that supporting elements, either infantry or armor, are deployed and prepared to assist in the attack.  If these supporting elements are not able to support a cavalry charge the attack will falter and most likely the battle lost.  This is an unacceptable loss, and would be most assuredly investigated by the commissariat.  

Dismounted Attack

Cavalry fights in the same manner as light infantry. All Officers on Scansin are schooled in Infantry tactics starting in their first year in Officer Training School.  None the less there are a few minor differences due to the lack of native Heavy Weapons.
A main strike force made up of dismounted cavalry is rare indeed, and should be avoided less we waist Imperial resources.  A dismounted attack by cavalry should be undertaken only when necessary to take advantage of sudden opportunities, as a cavalry Regiment is not equipped or armed for sustained action.


25 April 2016

BG-82 Campaign Log / Painting Chart

Painting Chart middle 2015
Above was my Painting chart around the middle of  2015...  As you can see it's changed a bit when compared with the chart below. 

I've adjusted my painting chart too reflect the fluff behind my army, and to show where it is that I would like to go.  As you can see I need a lot more Infantry... i've got most of the heavy weapons I need I just need to assemble and paint them.  And with the addition of a new Super Heavy I think it's safe to say that my armor is complete although a few need to be repainted.  :)  Now I just have to get some of these projects prioritized so that I get them done.

18 April 2016

A meeting of the Inquistion

1. Hello Inquisitor.

2. Inquisitor.

1. Inquisitor.  

 3. Will you two knock it off, what are we only 2 months old again, we've business to do and it's already bad enough that our Masters have seen fit to call us together.  100 years I've been here, pulling here, a push there, DIRECTING!  And now those fools from Terra see fit to have the 3 of us meet. I trust neither of you, make a move and my Bodyguard will level you all.   
Grey Knight working with Inquisitor [REDACTED]
1. Yes, Yes, we all know how important the Ordo Malleus is, but have you ever thought about what the other Ordo's are doing in the sector?  Let us instead focus on what shall come, prey tell what about the Ordo Astra.  I have only ever heard their like in reports and such, and now one shall be sent here. And to lead a Cabal none the less. 

2 You mean organize a Cabal, not that I or my supporters plan on supporting her. 
Inquisitor [REDACTED] (with shotgun) on the right with his Prodigy on the left.
3. Be careful with what you say witch hunter. I hear that she carries a writ from the High Lords of Terra, and endorsed from all of our Masters. Just look at this place, it is designed as a fortress and I have never seen it's like in the sector before, and the Storm Troopers...  I have a feeling that our Masters have been withholding information from us all.

1. Again, what do we know.  She is of the Ordo Astra, she is an Lord Inquisitor, and she has been sent too coordinate our actions. Why would the Ordo Astra be interested in such a place as this?

3.  Why indeed.  Why are all of our Ordo's interested in this place... 

11 April 2016

NSFW - Objective Marker

I have thought a long time about how best to distract the enemy on the battlefield, and at the same time provide inspiration for my own forces.  I believe that I may have now found something that will not only distract the enemy, but also inspire my army! This shall be one of my new Objective Markers.
I guess I have a few models like this laying around, but this is prolly the one that "shows" the most.  To be honest, this was also one of the few models that I have ever hated and I do mean Hated painting.
You see I have a rough time painting skin.  And although my version seems to work ok on IG, and such, I have never tried painting so much skin in my life.  In fact what you see here is prolly the 3rd or 4th version!!!!  I kept trying and my wife kept telling me that she look like 2 year old who just found the make-up drawer.

04 April 2016

A Guide to the usage Cavalry (Part 1)

Imperial Guard Cavalry Tactica 

1. General
Cavalry (commonly known as Rough Riders) are the forces within the Imperial Guard organized to perform missions requiring great mobility and fire power.  It can be comprised of a simple horse, a motor bike, or any of the local variant animals that can carry a man.  For the purposes of this document we will focus on the cavalry units within the Vallivar Sub-Sector, and more specifically those raised on the planet Scansin. Rough rider Regiments raised on Scansin have been equipped with standard horses as long as records show.  The horses themselves have been breed to show only the characteristics that make a good cavalry horse.  Horse mounted cavalry can operate in close cooperation with other elements of the Imperial Guard, which is highly recommended, or if the situation requires, separately.
As stated previously the key advantage of cavalry is its mobility, and this depends upon the condition of its mounts.   To maintain horses during a campaign requires continues care, supervision foresight and planning. Due the extreme breeding policies on Scansin their horses require much less care then others, but even they would require care. With this in mind, a cavalry unit can renew and replenish its strength wherever they happen to be.  Scansin cavalry can march up to 45 miles a day for extended periods and still be in a fighting condition.  The advantage to their mobility is that they can operate in any type of terrain and under practically all types of weather conditions. 

The firepower in a cavalry Regiment includes mostly of small arms; rifle, lance and close combat weapons that can be found in a line Infantry Regiment.  Melta Guns and Flamers may be issued as required but there is an utter lack of heavy weapons.  This is due to the nature of cavalry, they must be mobile and have the ability to strike fast.  Heavy weapons and artillary can be brought up by other Imperial Guard Regiments in support. Because of the lack of heavy weapons, cavalry units must rely on other Regiments of the Imperial Guard when dealing with heavy infantry, armor, or aircraft. Although it is a common occurrence that some supporting units will be directly assigned to a cavalry Regiment these are typically deployed at the Regiment or Troop Headquarters. 
Surprise is the important feature in all successful cavalry operations.  Cavalry can best achieve surprise by using its mobility in properly timed and directed operations. Surprise attacks delivered against the flanks and rear of the enemy from different directions greatly increase the chances of success.


So, There's a few Imperail documents that I've wanted to write for a while.  One of them consists of that which you have just read.  It's focus is around the Cavalry units raised on Scansin, this will be a short 3 part series just lays out a few ideas in my head.  Next time around "Offensive Combat"

And maybe sometime in the future "The Infantry Company in the Defense" and if I ever get around it the "Offense".