18 April 2016

A meeting of the Inquistion

1. Hello Inquisitor.

2. Inquisitor.

1. Inquisitor.  

 3. Will you two knock it off, what are we only 2 months old again, we've business to do and it's already bad enough that our Masters have seen fit to call us together.  100 years I've been here, pulling here, a push there, DIRECTING!  And now those fools from Terra see fit to have the 3 of us meet. I trust neither of you, make a move and my Bodyguard will level you all.   
Grey Knight working with Inquisitor [REDACTED]
1. Yes, Yes, we all know how important the Ordo Malleus is, but have you ever thought about what the other Ordo's are doing in the sector?  Let us instead focus on what shall come, prey tell what about the Ordo Astra.  I have only ever heard their like in reports and such, and now one shall be sent here. And to lead a Cabal none the less. 

2 You mean organize a Cabal, not that I or my supporters plan on supporting her. 
Inquisitor [REDACTED] (with shotgun) on the right with his Prodigy on the left.
3. Be careful with what you say witch hunter. I hear that she carries a writ from the High Lords of Terra, and endorsed from all of our Masters. Just look at this place, it is designed as a fortress and I have never seen it's like in the sector before, and the Storm Troopers...  I have a feeling that our Masters have been withholding information from us all.

1. Again, what do we know.  She is of the Ordo Astra, she is an Lord Inquisitor, and she has been sent too coordinate our actions. Why would the Ordo Astra be interested in such a place as this?

3.  Why indeed.  Why are all of our Ordo's interested in this place... 


  1. Kool. Especially liking the ancient Grey Knight models. And 'redacted' is a great name for an Inquisitor.... :)

    1. quit so, but the waiting room attendant is gonna have a hard time when they all stand up when she calls for "Inquisitor Redacted"