03 April 2014

ToE 7th Scansin (Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2, and a little bit of background on the 7th Scansin Regiment of Foot. The 7th Scansin is a pure Light Infantry Regiment, with absolutely no vehicles at all. Scansin is the 2nd most important Planet in the Vallivar Sub-System, but has only light manufacturing capabilities. Instead it provides almost 70% of the agricultural in the system. Imperial Guard Regiments from Scansin are most noticeable for the grey trousers and blue coats, which some say refer to the uniforms worn by workers in the planets Breweries (2nd largest export). Nonetheless, like all Regiments assigned to Battle Group 82, armor, artillery, and even transportation is provided by the Battle Group.

"Yes I like to make it hard on my Guardsman, all that walking keeps 'em fit and ready for battle.  We're the Imperial Guard! not some Regiment of Bureaucrats who need pampering."  - Marshal Argos, when asked why he's never requested a Transportation Regiment.

Platoon Command Team
This Regiment is broken up into 10 Companies of the line, and currently composed of 3 Infantry platoons of 3 squads.  Although Sector Command has deemed the Rgt. combat ready, it is currently only at 60% strength.  All heavy weapons are located at the Company HQ's and can be used to support the Infantry platoons as required. Where the 313th is typically used as shock force, striking deep behind enemy lines, the 7th Scansin is typically used in all scenarios where Infantry are required.

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