05 March 2009

Infantry… 3rd Sqd 2nd Plt (Teil 2)

Morje, and Morning. Well yesterday evening I got home and found these on my doorstep:

They are mix of German Fallschirmjäger helmets with and without canvas covers, while the head with the Beret is the British Paras, and all of these came from West Wind. Of course I was excited enough to finally finish the last squad for 2nd Platoon, that I spent the night doing this:

Of course though they're not quite finished yet, I have to make a few sets of goggles for the helmets and finish the bases. There's supposed to be mud where the grass is missing but I ran out of basing material and green stuff for the goggles, so today I'll need to swing by GW and the craft store to get what I need to finish them off. Here's hoping to a finished squad by the end of the week, and 100 more heads to swap out.

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  1. Excellent stuff. Loving the look; very Armageddon Steel Leigon.