09 March 2009

Lasguns and Rucksacks

Well I've had a few people ask me about my lasguns and the rucksacks I use on my guard so I thought I'd make a post about them. It's quite simple really, the rucksacks come from The Assault Group from the "Up Country" or Vietnam range. I use 3 different ones as seen in the picture below. The small one is actually a butt pack, but works good as a day pack type ruck, although it could be used a medic bag or as any other type of kit.

As for my lasguns, I prefer to call them Las-carbines. Looking at the standard lasgun it always reminded me of the old M-16 it felt ok for the first few years, and then we got the M-4. Well let me tell ya, after carrying an M-4 around for a few years going back to the M-16 felt like picking up a 18th Century Musket! So I set about looking for alternatives, after searching Hi and Lo I finally decided I didn't want to spend the money and just hacked up the standard lasgun like so many others before me have done. The end result of what I call the "Vergnitz IV pattern Mk. IX Las-Carbine" with optical and thermal sight. Actually, it's the Tau under slung grenade launcher but it looks pretty good when used as a sight.

Just cut out the portion between the standard lasgun sight and the start of the barrel. Then just re-glue it together, paying extra attention to make sure the barrel lines up correctly with the angle of the lasgun. To finish it off glue the Tau Grenade launcher to the top. That's it!!

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  1. Very Nice, love the lasguns, so simple and so effective!

    I've been browsing your blog and I'm loving the conversions.