22 April 2014

Avenger Strike Fighter (Part 6)

Well it's been almost a month since I put up any progress regarding my Avenger, so I thought it's about high time I did so.  For those that may not have seen it, here's a link to Part 5.  I haven't done much on the exterior other than get 80% percent of the engines painted black. There's still a lot of detailing left to do.
 You can see that unfinished engine on the right, but also the weapons mounted on their hard points.  The lascannons are fixed, but the missiles are attached using magnets so the load out can be easily changed.
Here's the crew.  I filed off about 3mm's on the back of the pilots seat, and 2mm's on the gunner.  This gave me more room in the cockpits.  Heads were swapped (I've always been a huge fan of Robotech) and green stuffed, and I found that they both sat a bit to high for my liking.
Once I got the files back out, I shaved off about 2mm from the bottom of the seats and everything fit much better.
I didn't really like the pose of the Navigator/Gunner, so repositioned his arms, and will add the extra stick to his left arm.  The idea is that the rear gun is then controlled over the joysticks and not by hand.  By shaving off the rear of the seat I also gained more room for him as well, but still didn't like how the rear gun was taking up so much space.   So...
I removed the rear of the gun..  I suppose I'll just say that the munition feed comes up through the bottom of the ball joint.

Well that's it for this week.  We've once again got company from abroad, so I don't think I'll have much "hobby" time in the coming weeks.


  1. This kit is even cooler thn I realised - and I like the changes you're making to it too...

  2. This is oozing with awesomeness!

    1. Thanks and Thanks, Now I just have too get hr painted so I can get a game in with her.

  3. This is looking bloody lovely, and those tweaks to the navigator / gunner look fantastic