05 November 2009

Must have unit +++FtW+++

What is my must have unit...    I'm sure many of you have seen this topic floating around the 40k blogs lately, it's originally a question asked by Ron over at FtW, and I thought I'd put my .02 cents in.  Well I think the picture above says everything I need to say. 

I love the Basilisk.  It may not have the armor that a Leman Russ has, but it can cause so much damage.  In fact in my last game one of my Basilisks took out 7 SM's in a single shot.  I think what I like the most with the Basilisk is it's ability to adapt.  You can set this guy up back on the edge of the board behind some terrain and lob shells all game long.  Then if enemy units start to get close you always have the ability to pull out of cover and fire directly if need be.   Personally I try to find cover that only hides the hull and leaves the main gun open.  Although not as great as sitting behind a hill for the entire game this option gives me a cover save and still allows me to engage just about any target either firing direct or indirect.

So there you have it, my "Must have unit", it may not be the greatest but so far they've never let me down.

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