02 November 2009

Manticore and Chimera Finished

Well, Well, Well, I finally got around to finishing the Manticore this weekend and in the process also finished the first of my 3 Chimeras.  So, I produly present the Vergnitz IV pattern Manticore and Chimera.  

I had planned on making the backgrounds white in the other pics as well, but I just don't have the time to play around with Photoshop today.  Instead I plan on replacing or updating the photos with proper table top photos later.

And here is the Chimera.  It's pretty plane right now, and in the future I may build removable stowage to place on the back when the Manticore parts are removed.  The TC is from Old Crow models and although he is a little bit smaller than GW models, I just loved the way he looked so had to include him.

Comments and critiques are always welcome.


  1. That's excellent mate, really looks just right.

    I'd have a look at your template colours on your blog as I had to hunt a bit for the post link, it's the same colour as the comments box background.

  2. Yup, I made a quick change for now so people could at least reply or read it correctly... I'll have to play with the colors again tonight.
    Thanks for letting me know!