28 May 2008

Basilisk - Finished

Well I took a break after basing the Stormblade and went back to finish the Basilisk that I had started earlier. It was pretty much done but needed a few "touch-ups" here and there. I now proudly present the finished work.

First up is a view from the front. I still may go back and do a little more work on the drivers view port. I'm just not sure I am happy with it the way it is.

Next is a view from the side. Not much to really say about this one.

A view from the left rear. I had originally thought about closing the interior, but then because I had used the WW2 German Waspe as my inspiration I decided to leave it open. To be honest this was my first attempt at such a thing, I'm still pleased with how it turned out.

Right side rear view,

Here's a view looking down the barrel. The cannon itself and all 3 crewmen are either on bases or magnets. This way they can be removed for transport, and in the case of the barrel it can be rotated up to the limits of the armor.

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