09 April 2008

Malcador Tank

Shown below are photos of my scratch build Malcador, they are a bit old (last year) but I needed something to get the new site started so here it is. With the start of Apoc I decided that I wanted something different for my army. It seems that everyone is doing the BB thing, so I decided to go with the Malcador. I really want the Macharius, but... This is the first "scratch Built" I've ever done for the ground up. If your interested in the WIP pics scroll to the end and have a look see.

Front 3/4 view. I did mine up with the Battle Cannon, sponson Lascannons, and hull mounted autocannon.

Front View. Exactly what the enemies of Emperor see before their deaths.

Rear 3/4 view. Since this picture I have added the Engine vents and a few minor details on the rear track guard.


Back when it was still paper and poster board. Actually it's cereal box cardboard.


Tracks have been added, along with track guards on the top. In addition I started working on the base for the Battle Cannon turret.


Here you can see that the turret has been added. I have also added some of the side detail, the start of the sponsons and the rear engine covers. Using some plasticard I trimmed off the edges of the track guards as well.



  1. I like it looks cool . the bugs are giving me trouble. i can't beat them. i have not played the orks yet. paint job is nice i am working on a thunder seig tank from cratch.

  2. I really liked this post. Can I copy it to my site? Thank you in advance.