25 November 2009


After reading quite a few discussions lately on the pros and cons of Stormtroopers I decided I might have to give them a go and find out myself.  Now seeing that I'm not a big fan of playing with unpainted mini's that's going to mean that I finally drag my ST's out of retirement and paint'em up.  Below is Sgt. Isavia, I wanted the colors to be different from my normal joe's for two reasons.  One to represent the fact that they are "Special Ops" and second so that they could also fit in with my DH/WH Inquisitors when I get them done.

Of course it could be years before I make any sort of progress on my Inquisition forces so we'll see where this goes.  Now all I have to do is finish 9 more of these guys so I can start trying out their rules, I'm especially looking forward to have some troops that can Deep Strike again.

In the last edition I almost always played my IG as drop troops (maybe the Rgt. name gave that away already) but with the release of 5th, and no cheap way to get your normal platoons to drop I've been playing them as of late as either mech or light infantry.  But ST's come with Deep Strike and the special mission "Airborne Assault". Allowing you to the chance to re-roll your scatter dice if need be.  That combined with the improved hot-shot Lasgun could cause major problems behind my opponents lines.

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