15 March 2009

1st Sqd. 3rd Plt.

Well I just wanted to show a quick snap of the last of my Infantry squads for a while. I've still got plenty more to do something like 40 troopers sitting in boxes. This is the first squad in 3rd Plt. and one squad closer to my goal of 3 Infantry Plts, of 3 Squads each, and 1 Mech Inf platoon of 2 squads and Hq squad all in Chimera's. The picture isn't that good, but all the major colors are done. I still have to go back and do a little detailing and of course finish the bases.

After these guys are done I'm going to switch gears a little work on a few other squads for a bit. Like I said I have a lot of heads to replace so here's the order that I plan on re-heading my troops. My goal is to have them all finished by May. The command platoons and any metal model are going to be more difficult because I'll have to use a dremel to remove the heads first. But anyways here's my plan of attack.

Heavy weapons squads

Command squads and special wep's troops

Mech Infantry Platoon

After the above is done I'll go back to working on my armour, as I have yet to really finish the Chimera's. In addition I want to build a Griffon or 2 using the Scratch built Chimera bodies that I made last year. For more info about those click Chimera (WIP) and The Next 2 Chimerea.

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