19 May 2008

Stormblade WIP

Well I had the chance to do a little work on the new Stormblade this weekend. Of course I wanted more, but I'll take what I can get. It took a while to get all the resin pieces trimmed and fitted. The worst parts are the large pieces of leftover resin attached to the rear of the hull. They cut nice and easy, it's just a pain to get to because of the location. Here is a picture of the pieces I'm referring to.


Next I started building the Baneblade parts. As other's have created excellent walk throughs of this I am not gong to bore you with my version. But here is a mock up of the what it will look like so far. The main gun, hull and engine are just resting in place.


Now on to the part that has me thinking. Should I mount the sponsons in the middle as shown in the picture below or the rear. I know all about the range advantages for mounting them further forward, but I interested in this from a purely "looks" view.



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