28 May 2008

Basilisk - Finished

Well I took a break after basing the Stormblade and went back to finish the Basilisk that I had started earlier. It was pretty much done but needed a few "touch-ups" here and there. I now proudly present the finished work.

First up is a view from the front. I still may go back and do a little more work on the drivers view port. I'm just not sure I am happy with it the way it is.

Next is a view from the side. Not much to really say about this one.

A view from the left rear. I had originally thought about closing the interior, but then because I had used the WW2 German Waspe as my inspiration I decided to leave it open. To be honest this was my first attempt at such a thing, I'm still pleased with how it turned out.

Right side rear view,

Here's a view looking down the barrel. The cannon itself and all 3 crewmen are either on bases or magnets. This way they can be removed for transport, and in the case of the barrel it can be rotated up to the limits of the armor.

22 May 2008

Ready for priming

Here's the latest and greatest update.  It's mostly put together as of now or at least a lot of it is tacked at the moment to take the photo.  Tomorrow I'm going to base it in black and finish gluing  some of the small pieces in place.  For those that haven't noticed I changed the headlights because I didn't like the arch look to the Baneblade ones.  Instead I tried to make them look more like the normal FW Stormblade.  I also modified the searchlight to give it a little more of the same look.



19 May 2008

Stormblade WIP

Well I had the chance to do a little work on the new Stormblade this weekend. Of course I wanted more, but I'll take what I can get. It took a while to get all the resin pieces trimmed and fitted. The worst parts are the large pieces of leftover resin attached to the rear of the hull. They cut nice and easy, it's just a pain to get to because of the location. Here is a picture of the pieces I'm referring to.


Next I started building the Baneblade parts. As other's have created excellent walk throughs of this I am not gong to bore you with my version. But here is a mock up of the what it will look like so far. The main gun, hull and engine are just resting in place.


Now on to the part that has me thinking. Should I mount the sponsons in the middle as shown in the picture below or the rear. I know all about the range advantages for mounting them further forward, but I interested in this from a purely "looks" view.



16 May 2008

Whats new (Stormblade)

Well I had started working on a few models for my rough riders using some parts that I got for free from a friend of mine. The plan is to build 2 4-wheelers and 4-5 bikes. You can see the current state of them below

.sv600113.JPG sv600115.JPG

But in all honestly these will be put off to the side so that I can start building this!! Which arrived today!! From the time I ordered it until the time I received it was exactly 4 weeks.


Yup that would be my new Super Heavy Stormblade!

01 May 2008

Battle Group Update

Well as you can see I haven't been very busy lately. Life sometimes gets in the way of all our great plans and so very little has been done. I've added a little more background information to the battle group in the form of unit histories to the left. I've also finished the Basilisk and just need to get pictures taken and posted. Maybe even today if the weather is nice.

Plans for the future

1. Add specific pages for the 313th Drop Troop Regiment detailing the unit make up. I think I'll do a specific page for each of the Platoons.

2. Do the same thing for 3/73 Armored Regiment. Yup, this unit in my fluff is all of my armor.

3. Eventually do this for the 504th Special Assault Regiment. This shall be my storm troopers

4. Finish the Battle Group Command Squad. So far I only have Marshal Sheridan and his 2 body guards finished.

5. Once I've made a page for finished unit's I would like to consolidate the WIP posts into just one and put in on the left side, so that people can still see them... I don't know about this one yet.

6. I have 50 more troopers to paint...

7. I have 3 more DIY Sentinel stand-ins to design and create...