20 May 2014

ToE 327th Infantry (Part 5)

The 2nd largest Regiment assigned to BG-82, the 327th Infantry has been assigned to the group since 668M41.  The Regiment is realitivly young, having been grounded in 666M41, but has had quite a disturbing past. In transit to the Departmento Munitorium rendezvous point the Regiment lost 66.6% of it's strength to Warp sickness.  It was immediately sent back to Fantoma where it quickly replenished its losses and then proceeded to Vallivar Sub-System to be assigned to BG-82.

Equipped with 21 Cargo Haulers and 13 Chimera's, the 327th is the most mobile of the Infantry Regiments currently assigned to the battle group. Two of their Infantry Companies are cross-trained in Mechanized operations and are often found working in close concert with the 73rd AR.   The rest of the Regiment has seen little direct combat action, instead they have taken up a security roll. Ensuring that fronts are held, and that gained ground will not be lost.

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