26 March 2014

ToE 313th DTR (Part 1)

Motto: Faug a Balac “Clear the way”
So here's the kickoff post for my a series of background posts.  The first couple will be covering the  "TO&E" of the different Regiments assigned to BG82, that should last 5-6 weeks if I can keep up on this. As you can see above the 313th is made up of roughly 3700 troopers, broken down into 7 "Regimental Combat Teams"  (what may be considered a modern day Battalion but without an supply/support company.)  Each RCT is comprised of 4 Companies, and the RCT itself is led by a Major and his Command Squad.

Directly attached to the Regiment are the Transportation Company, the only Company equipped with vehicles of any sort, and various support platoons to include the HQ staff.  Being a Drop Troop regiment the 313th is equipped with no self contained armor, but does have a few Chimeras formed around 1 Mechanized Platoon the rest are typically used by the Combat Team HQ's. Armor and artillery support is provided by the Battle Group, along with the coordination for Imperial Navy assets when the Regiment performs a Drop insertion.

* I know that this doesn't match 100% with what is in the Codex, but hell some of this stuff is older than our current codex. 


  1. Always good to see background stuff, especially ORBATs. I like the way you've made sure everything in your army has its place in the ORBAT.

  2. yeah, it took me a while to work it all out, and that is actually the 3rd or 4th version, but it's all starting to come together.

  3. Nice. I'm guessing that the air assets belong to the Navy, rather then the regiment ?

    1. "But of course" ;) but only sort of... BG-82 is shlepped around by a CLASSIFIED* who is capable of providing limited air support.

      * more to come at a later date...