19 March 2014

Avenger Strike Fighter (Part 5)

Just a quick, short, down and dirty post today.  Work is really busy right now as I ramp up into a new project, so I haven't had the time to do much else.  More will come soon I hope, but I just wanted to put up the recent progress.

 The first layer was done with an air brush, but I did the 2nd layer by hand.  My airbrush skills aren't quite up to snuff yet, so after trying it out on some paper, I decided it was safer to use a brush.  :)

To be honest, the more I see how the black pre-shading came out the more pleased I am with it.  As I mentioned in an earlier post I had never tried that before and was a bit weary at first.  Looking at the how the it's come out so far I like it.

Something I also learned was that I have to be much more careful applying Masking Oil In someplace it worked perfect, and in others...  well not so much. 

till next time...  maybe I'll have the thrusters, nose, and have started on the detailing by then.

1 comment:

  1. The blue was a surprise. Not sure what I was expecting but that colour is a bit of an eye opener. It is a beautiful shade of blue - looking forward to seeing what you do with it next.

    obtw - following your comment, I have made a list. It took ages.