11 March 2014

6 Years of Blogging (Mar 2008 - ?)

Imperial Fireworks
Yup, I've been blogging about my army's now for 6 Years, and I've been playing 40k since just before the start of 3rd Edition.  I've dabbled Epic, BFG, and Inquisitor but the group I played with back then just didn't much interest in these.  Over the years I've played Black Templar's, a Mordian IG army, two different Eldar armies, and a Tau army, but my foremost love has always been the Imperial Guard. My current IG collection spans back over 10 years and is still evolving.  In fact I have painted and played 40K in the USA, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Spain and now Germany.  The Guard have been with me through it all.
One of my oldest Paint jobs ca. 2000 (I think)
I'm sure you've also noticed that I am far from a "regular" poster.  I model, paint, post, play (in that order) when I have time.  I typically work 10 hour days, so when I'm home I prefer to spend time with my 3yr old, my weekends are filled with "Family obligations" and I typically write my posts between 6 and 6:30am over coffee before I'm out the door.  As a matter of fact that's one of my favorite times to paint (everyone else is sleeping!) if I don't have something that I want to write about.

Now why have I told you all that?  Because I would like to say "Thank You!" Without you there wouldn't be a blog, even if I have less than 100 "followers" and I think I can name the 6 people that have regularly left comments on my blog.  (Zzzzz, Drax, Col. Ackland, Hollyoake, Howell, Scipio) Without them it wouldn't be as much fun.  In my humble opinion it's the things that pull someone in and make them feel like part of a community.   
Something a bit more recent... (2010)
Blogging for me twofold, I enjoy sharing the little things that I do, and it's been neat to see how ideas can be stolen, improved upon, and re-stolen by different people through out the hobby.  I think it's the sharing of ideas and (in my case) Army background or fluff that really keeps me interested.  Even though I don't blog regularly, I do spend a considerable amount of time reading what other people have posted. 

And just to show that I have been doing a bit of painting here's a quick sneak peak from an upcoming post.


  1. I quite enjoy your posts. Especially looking at your scratch builds and conversions.

    So keep it up, I enjoy your work.

  2. Thanks All!! Believe me I'm looking forward to the next 6 years!

  3. Well done for hitting the six year mark! While I don't comment all that often, I just wanted to reassure you I'm a regular reader!

  4. I know what you mean - the surety of knowing that there are people out there looking at what you put up - even if they only comment once in a while. Three cheers for mutual assistance - keeps us bloggin'.