29 March 2014

Operation Condor (2000 pts vs Chaos)

++++++PRIORITY:  Low
 ++TRANSMITTED: 313th Rgt. Signals
++++++RECEIVED: Trooper Holweg
 +++DESTINATION: Col. Pallidar
+++++++++++REF:  DJS-5548-201
  +++++++SUBJECT: Operation Condor AAR

Col. Pallidar,

I respectfully submit my after action review of the recently completed operation "Condor".  The mission was a success and was pushed the forces of chaos out of 70% of the area's we had intended.  Only in one zone were we not able to reach our objectives, this was due in part to cowardice in the face of battle, and the Daemon Prince that decapitated Delta Company commander and his command team.

Daemon Prince on the Charge

As I mentioned after deploying for battle the Deamon Prince flew into our line, and Cornet Pulaski apparently froze in combat. Instead of leading his men into a flanking action, he had them dress to the right and stand to.  In the following minutes he and his troopers waited until the Deamon Prince charged into his line, and cut them down to a man.  What exactly he was thinking we shall never know.  Afterwards the Daemon Prince charged into the company command team, and well sir. We won't be burying much of them Sir. Sir, if I may speak freely, I do hope that the rest of the Cavalry has a stronger fighting spirit than they did. 
Cavalry's last stand
 The Daemon was stopped at that point by the men of 2nd Squad 1st Platoon.  If Reports are true, after seeing the company commander fall, Sgt Anderson rallied his men and they poured down fire on the Daemon Prince.  The Daemon was slain moments later, and Senior Lt. Netzlin took over command.  Sir I respectfully request that Sgt Anderson be awarded the "Steal Aquila", and his troopers the "Bronze Halo" and given a 7 day pass after they have been examined for traces of taint.

Once again the Artillery of the 73rd has proved it's worth.  Basilisks were able to provide not only direct and in-direct fire, but they accurately dropped shells to within meters of friendly forces engaged with Chaos Cultists. Although a few guardsman were injured by shrapnel, the arty fire was effective in saving the squads life.
The Forces of Chaos
 Currently Delta company 313th DTR is being led by Senior Lieutenant Netzlin, 1st Platoon Commander.  He's proved his worth in holding the company together after Anderson was killed, and I recommend that he remain in place.  Whether or not he should be promoted I leave to you.

As an aside.  The detachment from the 7th Scansin performed surprisingly well for such a fresh Regiment.  Holding the right flank was not easy, and the troopers their performed admirably. Please pass my regards to their commander.

Major Thomas
1st 313th Regimental Combat Team


So last night I got my last game in prior to the release of the new "Astra Militarum" Codex.  I'll miss my IG codex, but they will always be Imperial Guard for me.  We played the following:  2000Pts,  Mission: Crusade /   Deployment: Hammer and Anvil.  The game was fun, but a bit long.  I prolly should have stuck to a 1750pt game, but I wanted to get one last "big" game in before our 'dex goes away.

As you saw above, I ended up loosing the game.  The Daemon Prince really hurt me, and so did the 3 Dreadnoughts that marched up the center of the table.  I poured as much fire as I could into them and 2 of them lived through all 5 rounds... In the end I just couldn't get my forces around the table edges fast enough to contest the objective in the middle.  That is in part my fault as I concentrated my assaulting forces in the middle, in front of 3 Dreadnoughts. 

26 March 2014

ToE 313th DTR (Part 1)

Motto: Faug a Balac “Clear the way”
So here's the kickoff post for my a series of background posts.  The first couple will be covering the  "TO&E" of the different Regiments assigned to BG82, that should last 5-6 weeks if I can keep up on this. As you can see above the 313th is made up of roughly 3700 troopers, broken down into 7 "Regimental Combat Teams"  (what may be considered a modern day Battalion but without an supply/support company.)  Each RCT is comprised of 4 Companies, and the RCT itself is led by a Major and his Command Squad.

Directly attached to the Regiment are the Transportation Company, the only Company equipped with vehicles of any sort, and various support platoons to include the HQ staff.  Being a Drop Troop regiment the 313th is equipped with no self contained armor, but does have a few Chimeras formed around 1 Mechanized Platoon the rest are typically used by the Combat Team HQ's. Armor and artillery support is provided by the Battle Group, along with the coordination for Imperial Navy assets when the Regiment performs a Drop insertion.

* I know that this doesn't match 100% with what is in the Codex, but hell some of this stuff is older than our current codex. 

19 March 2014

Avenger Strike Fighter (Part 5)

Just a quick, short, down and dirty post today.  Work is really busy right now as I ramp up into a new project, so I haven't had the time to do much else.  More will come soon I hope, but I just wanted to put up the recent progress.

 The first layer was done with an air brush, but I did the 2nd layer by hand.  My airbrush skills aren't quite up to snuff yet, so after trying it out on some paper, I decided it was safer to use a brush.  :)

To be honest, the more I see how the black pre-shading came out the more pleased I am with it.  As I mentioned in an earlier post I had never tried that before and was a bit weary at first.  Looking at the how the it's come out so far I like it.

Something I also learned was that I have to be much more careful applying Masking Oil In someplace it worked perfect, and in others...  well not so much. 

till next time...  maybe I'll have the thrusters, nose, and have started on the detailing by then.

11 March 2014

6 Years of Blogging (Mar 2008 - ?)

Imperial Fireworks
Yup, I've been blogging about my army's now for 6 Years, and I've been playing 40k since just before the start of 3rd Edition.  I've dabbled Epic, BFG, and Inquisitor but the group I played with back then just didn't much interest in these.  Over the years I've played Black Templar's, a Mordian IG army, two different Eldar armies, and a Tau army, but my foremost love has always been the Imperial Guard. My current IG collection spans back over 10 years and is still evolving.  In fact I have painted and played 40K in the USA, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Spain and now Germany.  The Guard have been with me through it all.
One of my oldest Paint jobs ca. 2000 (I think)
I'm sure you've also noticed that I am far from a "regular" poster.  I model, paint, post, play (in that order) when I have time.  I typically work 10 hour days, so when I'm home I prefer to spend time with my 3yr old, my weekends are filled with "Family obligations" and I typically write my posts between 6 and 6:30am over coffee before I'm out the door.  As a matter of fact that's one of my favorite times to paint (everyone else is sleeping!) if I don't have something that I want to write about.

Now why have I told you all that?  Because I would like to say "Thank You!" Without you there wouldn't be a blog, even if I have less than 100 "followers" and I think I can name the 6 people that have regularly left comments on my blog.  (Zzzzz, Drax, Col. Ackland, Hollyoake, Howell, Scipio) Without them it wouldn't be as much fun.  In my humble opinion it's the things that pull someone in and make them feel like part of a community.   
Something a bit more recent... (2010)
Blogging for me twofold, I enjoy sharing the little things that I do, and it's been neat to see how ideas can be stolen, improved upon, and re-stolen by different people through out the hobby.  I think it's the sharing of ideas and (in my case) Army background or fluff that really keeps me interested.  Even though I don't blog regularly, I do spend a considerable amount of time reading what other people have posted. 

And just to show that I have been doing a bit of painting here's a quick sneak peak from an upcoming post.