17 September 2012

Reinforcements have arrived

And I finally have something worthwhile to post!!!  I finally was able to pick up my order from Victoria Mini's.  It's been at the local "zollamt" or customs office for the last couple of days and as I had the day off I swung by to pick it up. 

Here's all the parts:

 Here's the counts as Heavy bolter for the HQ squad.  (Thanks Col. Gravis!!!)

and here is the cavalry detachment from the "16th Mynvody Lancers"
Horses from GW, body from "Curious Constructs", legs and arms from Victoria Miniatures. 
I'll have to do a little GS work on the horse and the arms but all in all it's pretty good match.  I've heard such wonderful things about GW Liquid GS over the last few months I guess I have a reason to try it out now. 


  1. Looking forward to seing them painted!... have been looking at the Victoria miniatures site and getting all sorts of wildly expensive ideas.

  2. Good Stuff! It's hard not to get carried away on both those sites! Looks like you have loads of cool stuff to play with- onwards to glory!

  3. Virtual thumbs up Marshal Argos! I look forward to seeing some paint applied!

  4. Thanks for the Comments. I Love/hate all the new bits sites because I could blow my entire paycheck just thinking up cool ideas for new armies with all the new bits out there.

    Thanks! to all that are expanding the possiblities of our hobby!!