10 July 2010


++++++++++Origin: Vallivar System Sector Command
+++++++Destination: Marshal Argos, Commander BG-82
++++++++Received: New Praxis Orbital Relay
+++++++++++Date: 668.M38
+++Telepathic Duct: Astropath-terminus Locion
++++++++++++Ref:  A-2 C-3
Thought for the Day: " Purge the unclean "

You are hereby granted 8 days time to recuperate and see to your wounds before re-assuming command of Battle Group 82.  If you are unable to return in that time, command of BG-82 will be transferred and you will be re-assigned.

May the light of the Emperor guide you.


See ya'll in a week or so, going down the black see with the wife to visit some friends.

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