25 July 2010

Shock Troops by Wargames Factory

Have you guys seen these yet!!!   I knew they were coming out for a while now, but hadn't realized the time had come.   At 18 mini's for less than 20 bucks I'm not only knocked off my feet, I'm about ready to drop a pretty penny and pick a few up.   Not only do you get more bang for your buck, check out their website Shock Troops, and you'll see that you get a ton of head and weapon options included on the sprue.  What's great is that I can easily swap these into my 40k army as I play about 90% of my games in LGS's LGC's or at home.  No GW Nazi to tell me I can't use my mini's.  :)

Which makes me think...  How are your gaming groups?  Are most of them pretty open to mixing other companies mini's into your armies or do they remain strict about what you can/can't use? You know, now that I type up the question I've never seen anyone in the LGC use non-GW mini's....


  1. I have not actually seen any sold, as opposed to advertised. Only play wargames with Citadel models? What a dull idea. :)

  2. Yup, I agree. I've seen plenty of adverts for the mini's but haven't actually seen anyone with painted examples.