03 July 2010

Necromunda - Techno Cowboys

Well now as you can see these are the start of what's going to be my Necromunda Gang in a campaign being ran by one of the local gaming clubs GT-Battlezone.  Real quick the plan is to play using the "Van Saar" rules but using mostly "Delaque" models.  They're still WIP so you'll notice unfinished bases (I'm looking for good ones online) and small details that still need to be picked out, but you get the idea as to where I'm going with these guys I'm sure.  I like to call them "Techno Cowboys".   Now I've never played Necromunda before so this is going to be something new for me. 

So far I've only gotten one test game in and I really enjoyed it.  I was really suprised at how long a game can last (watching 2 other games) as the gang members get shot, stand up again and still fight on.  The rules are, of course, much more detailed than normal 40k.  In fact, it sort of reminded me of 2ed 40k.   You can be hit and only receive a Flesh wound, or you can be hit and killed or not wounded at all. 

For anyone looking for more information check out the rules on GW's homepage or just do a Google search for "Necromunda".   In fact Let me Google that for you.  I wish I could recommend other sites, but there's so many out there and as of yet I'm still looking myself.    Look forward to future updates and more info as I dig deeper into the Necromunda underworld.

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  1. It feels like 2nd edition because that was the current edition of 40K when Necromunda was written.