21 July 2010

Necromunda update

Well here's my gang leader and his trusty sidekick for our upcoming Necromunda campaign. I've decided to name my gang "Los Hombres del Emperador", and the two you see here are "Lucky Luke" and the "Duke" (left to right) I know the bases aren't great, but I'm waiting for the real ones to come in and seeing that they won't get here till sometime end of August, I thought I'd at least do something so they weren't flat black.

O'er the next two weeks I'll get the rest'em finished so ya'll can expect to see "Hoss", "Red" and "Slim" real soon now.


  1. The model on the left do you know what he is actually called? I have him and I wanted to use him as a Marbo stand in.

  2. Hmmmm... Good question, I had to check an old catalog from '05 but he's listed as "Underhive Scum - Scum w/Bolt Pistols".