16 July 2010

Max Mini (a review)

First time I´ve ever done a review of a Bitz company before, and although it´s primarely a positive review there were a few things that I felt could have been improved.   I ordered 2 blisters from Max Mini, the first was the Heavy Machine Guns found HERE and the 2nd was the Mechanical Hammers found on the same page.  Now after 2 days I received an email stating that my order was being processed.  Three weeks later it was still being processed so I droped them an email asking if there was delay.  What really disappointed me was that I had to send a 2nd email 5 days later asking the same question before I got an answer.

They were still working on my order because the Machine guns were out of stock, but not to worry my order would ship in the next 7 days.  Of course I waited 10 days and again no product, again I send an email asking what the delay was, and again pretty much the same answer as the first time.  This time though they actually shipped and after 7 weeks I finally got my products.  Whats cool is that they threw in these heads Fallen Legionnaire heads.  Unfortunately I can´t use them in my Guard army so they´ll be going up for auction sometime soon.

Oh, and on an interesting turn of events, 2 days after receiving my order I received another package from them containing Mechanical Gun arms, Mechanical Hammers, and round shields.  Thinking this a mistake I sent them another email asking if I should return them.  At the time of this posting, I´ve sent them 2 emails and waited 10 days...  no reply.  So maybe I´ll put these up for auction as well.
 Opinion:   Their bitz look great, and require very little prep work to be used. BUT,  their communication sucks...  No two ways around it.  I would definetely order from them again, I just wouldn´t expect fast delivery or timely responses to emails.


  1. That's been my experience with them as well. Beautiful sculpts, pretty marginal communication and sllllooooowwww shipping times. I'll likely place further orders with them, but I wouldn't rely on them if you need parts for a conversion for a quickly-approaching tournament or convention. Nevertheless, I'd give 'em a 7/10...

  2. I've looked at the heavy MG many times, I'm anxious to see what you do with it.