29 July 2010

Los Hombres

Red, Cord and Shane
Well here's the rest of the gang, or at least the full fledged members that is, sugarfoot's don't get to wear the hat so aren't really part of the gang and won't be shown here.  Meaning that I still have a bit of work to do on them yet.  I'm debating writing all their names on the bases, but I might save that for later.  Use it as a mark of respect or something in the campaign as they make their first kills and all.

Slim, Bart, and Hoss
Here you can see the max mini machine gun I discussed in an earlier post, it's a bit bigger than I had first thought.  In fact, it's "Almost" to big for the model, but it's original and I like it.  I think what I'm disappointed about now is that as we progress through out the campaign I'm going to have to figure out a way to update these guys without chopping them to pieces...  Maybe I should have modeled them using plastics from the get-go but there's just no way I could have gotten the results that I have now.

Next up is going to be a bit of terrain.  The trick here is going to making the terrain small, easy, and compatible with 40k, as I'm not a paying member of the local gaming group and don't quite want to donate everything for free as of yet.

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