22 June 2010

Princeps on Foot

I picked this model up at Games Day Germany a few years back (2 I think) and have had him sitting around since then.  I tried painting him once before but just couldn't get him the way I wanted.  Recently though, I started scratch building a Warhound titan seen here. Canis Vulpis She's still a work in progress, and one I hope to get back to real soon, but while painting her I decided to give this guy another go.

I tried doing him up in the colors of the Legio Astraman.  In game I have no idea what I'll use him as... maybe an adviser of some sort, we'll see what comes to mind.  Once the Titan itself is done, he'll prolly go on the base.


  1. I like the colors on the Princeps.He could pass off as a Master of Ordnance as well :)

    I also checked out your scratch built Titan. She's awesome man!! It must have taken a lot of work. Great job!

  2. Thanks mate! I only wish I had the time to finish all the projects I have started. :(