22 May 2010

Imperial Fist (pt. 2)

Just wanted to show you all the next set of pictures of the Imperial fist I´ve been working on.  I should say right from the start that he is actually finished but I just have to get better pictures of him before I put them up here for all to see.
This is the first time that I´ve tried putting battle damage on a marine, and I have to admit I think it looks pretty darn good.  It  really makes me consider going back on my IG and adding a bit on their shoulder and body armor.
 Completed pics should be up by monday at the latest, so you´ll have to come back then to see how he looks with more damage, and bit of weathering.


  1. The battle damage looks great.

    I've never tried to paint an entire figure before assembly. You make it look easy.

  2. Thanks, In all honesty I think I paint about 90% of my mini's while they are still in pieces. It really allows me to get into the deep dark nooks and crannies. Although you do have to be a bit careful when gluing the bits on as not to ruin the paint job.